You would not think that Life magazine would have a backlog of unpublished nudes, especially from the 1940s, but I guess upper case Life was as full of surprises as lower case life. Noel Toy was a fan dancer in the 40s, and quite a famous one at that. She was known as the Chinese Sally Rand, and performed to packed audiences in New York and San Francisco. You can get all the info you need from her obit in the S.F. Examiner. I guess she was famous enough and deeply engrained enough in pop culture that Life sent out a photographer to record her act for posterity. You can tell from the final picture below that their pictorial was shot during an actual performance.

They must have known that they couldn't publish these pictures in the forties, but I don't know the full story behind the gallery. Perhaps they did an article on her and snapped hundreds of pics but but only used the most modest ones.

Anyway, the nude pics from the pictorial do exist, and here they are:



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Dead Calm


The film that kicked it all off for Billy Zane and sinking ships!

Nicole Kidman 1280x532 clips here

Collages below





Jenaveve Jolie in Twilight Vamps

Beverly Lynne in Twilight Vamps

Michelle Maylene in Twilight Vamps

Christine Nguyen in Twilight Vamps

Brandin Rackley in Twilight Vamps


Ashley West in Twilight Vamps



Joanna Pacula in Not Quite Paradise

Sara Tommasi in Crimini

Olivia Molina in Un Burka Por Amor

Paz Vega with a tiny public flash

Lene Maria Christensen in Fidibus (sample below)

Sara Hjort Ditlevsen in Vanvittig forelsket (samples below)

Lubna Azabal in Exils (sample below)

Meredith Bailey in Passchendaele (sample below)

Mia Skaringer in Karaokekungen (sample below)