Shadow Puppets


A woman, wearing only underwear, wakes in a cell of an abandoned prison or mental institution. She wanders through the halls, hears terrifying noises, and finds a man in the same situation in a nearby cell. As the two exchange information, they determine that they have no memories, not even of their own identities. They continue to hear the noises, to look for a way out of the facility. Eventually they meet six other strangers in the same situation: all in their underwear, all stripped of their memories, all running from something terrifying which seems to be nothing more than a shadow.

I guessed wrong on this one. Given the presence of the shadow creature and the great variety of different personality types among the mind-washed people, I thought that they were probably humans being thrown together for a psychological experiment by an extraterrestrial race, much as we would use mice. Without memories, would they revert to their normal roles within the group? Would the leaders still lead, and the violent remain brutal? Would the most cowardly before the mind-washing continue to be the most terrified by frightening stimuli? I'm afraid I was off on a tangent, writing my own movie, because none of that had anything to do with the real explanation.

As for the real film, it has its failings.

The first is that there is a very hefty level required in the "suspension of disbelief" department. Once the script starts providing explanations, the details just don't make a lot of sense. That spoils much of the fun, because those who love mysteries try to deduce the solution before it is revealed, as I did in the second paragraph, but it's not possible to predict an explanation that relies on the possibility of the impossible. I was willing to suspend disbelief on the brainwashing explanation, but not on some other details, like the origin of the creature.

Problem two was that the shadow creature was only scary when it remained a suggestion. It should have stayed there, but didn't, so the film's cheap-jack CGI turned it from scary at the beginning to ludicrous at the end.

The third major problem with the film was that the scriptwriter couldn't come up with a resolution that was as interesting as the puzzle itself, but then again, that's kind of the nature of sci-fi/horror in general, isn't it? If a sci-fi premise has nothing to tell us about the nature of society, then it's only a matter of whether there will be survivors and, if so, who and how. At any rate, Shadow Puppets lost its cred toward the end. Between the lame ending and the lame monster, there were some laughably cheesy moments, thus spoiling what had been a consistently and effectively dark tone in the film's first half.

This movie does work on some levels. The aura of mystery and intrigue drives us forward with curiosity, the mysterious creature provides plenty of terror for individual moments in the early going, and the cast generally does a solid job, especially the ever-intimidating Tony "Candyman" Todd.

To the extent that the film is fairly light on monsters and gore and torture porn and fairly heavy on psychological terror, I applaud its attempt at cerebral horror in the mode of Serling or Hitchcock, even if it could use a more plausible explanation, some better effects, and a more satisfying ending. Yes, the film falls apart at the end, but I was totally into it for about an hour, and that's about 55 minutes longer than I last with most modern horror films.



Jolene Blalock. SPOILER ALERT. This is literally the last eight minutes of the film, so if you plan to watch the film, this will ruin it for you. Plus there is no nudity. So why bother? There may be two good reasons to watch it: (1) if you want to see how a director can spoil a pretty good premise with some terrible CGI and a laughable ending, as I described above; (2) if you want to see Jolene Blalock's butt almost falling out of her panties a few times.

Natasha Alam. She's naked enough, but it's dark and she never turns to face the camera.





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Sister Emanuelle


Sister Emanuelle is probably the strangest in the "black Emanuelle" series starring Laura Gemser. The wanton Emanuelle has repented and become a nun. She has been assigned to bring a wayward girl to their convent school to correct her sinful ways. Emanuelle immediately recognizes her former self in the young hedonist, who gets into no end of trouble by corrupting her over-achieving roommate, bringing a criminal into the convent and hiding him in the tower, and gradually eroding Emanuelle's patience and moral fiber.

This is an entertainment bargain. The nudity is plentiful, not all of the sex is simulated, especially the girl/girl scenes, and the story moves quickly. There are also humorous aspects to the story, such as a nun with a weak bladder, and an idiot caretaker who doesn't speak normally. In addition, the DVD contains deleted scenes, which are slightly extended footage from the film, including male members and banana sex.


Laura Gemser


Dorce Funnari


Monica Zanchi


Vinja Locatelli









Country Hooker


Well, the repairs have been made to the Time Machine, but with the cheap gas back here we decided to hang around the seventies little longer. Two more soft porn starlets of that era performed in "Country Hooker".

Renee Bond bares all in an outdoor lovemaking scene in these caps and four clips. There is "Tool Time" action here.



Not to be outdone Sandy Dempsey really shows off her body in the great outdoors ( Yes, she is a real redhead ). More "Tool Time". Caps and four clips.









Notes and collages


Julie Andrews



Trading Places

Jamie Lee Curtis


High definition source.







From Crash 3rd, the "rarely-capped images" dude: "The mini-series Fresno, AKA The War of the Raisins, starring Carol Burnett, Dabney Coleman, Charles Grodin and as Grodin's sexy wife, Teri Garr. Taped when aired in 1986 and the quality isn't good."  This is Parts 3 and 4 of 4


Honor "Pussy Galore" Blackman in The Battle For Rome (1968)

Honor Blackman again in The Virgin and the Gypsy (1970)

Honor was born at just the wrong time. When nudity returned to English-language movies in 1965, so was already 37. She still did manage to do three nude scenes, but she was in her forties in each case. If only she had been born two decades later, we probably would have been looking at that marvelous body in two dozen films.



Vera Farmiga in Never Forever (2007)


Jennilee Harrison in Prime Target (1991)


Superduper model Karina Longin. I hope there are HQ versions, because these could be delicious.

Melanie Griffith - career final nudity in Tempo (2003)


Film Clips

Jade Jagger upskirt (sample right)

Stacy Hart in Things To Do Before You're Thirty (2004, sample right)

Anna Marie Muehe in Lunik (2007)

Manuela Arcuri in A spasso nel tempo (1996)

Sissy Spacek and Janit Baldwin in Prime Cut (1972)

Tatjana Patitz in Rising Sun (1993) - nice HDTV clips

Filling in the gaps in Monica Bellucci's career:

Most of her best nude appearances are already covered with good clips in our database, but the following represent either additions or upgrades to our collection: