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"From Hell"

From Hell (2001) is a fascinating political plot/Freemasonry explanation of the Jack the Ripper story, starring the always great Johnny Depp as a police detective who solves crimes by visualizing the murders in drug induced dreams. Heather Graham plays the part of Mary Kelly, the one prostitute who survived, and the one sour note in what was otherwise a pretty good yarn. She was entirely too polished, and too tidy, to be credible as a London streetwalker. Technically, the film is wonderful, with great cinematography, and tons of atmosphere. I don't want to spoil any of the story for those who haven't seen it as it is a good watch, even at 121 minutes.

Graham shows cleavage in nearly every costume, Joanna Page is briefly topless, and there is exposure from unknowns in both the film and deleted scenes, including full frontal. IMDB readers score it at 7.0 of 10, which is quite respectable, but the film only grossed $31.6m against a $36m budget. Ebert says 3 stars, and other critical comments were all over the board, with 55% of the top reviewers at Rotten Tomatoes disliking it. I found it engrossing and visually stunning. I also enjoyed the way they revealed the mystery slowly as Depp uncovers clues. This is a high C+.

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  • Joanna Page (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Unknown (1, 2, 3, 4)

    "Which Way is Up"

    Which Way is Up (1977) is a Richard Prior comedy in which he plays three roles, the main character, his father, and a degenerate preacher. Prior is an orange picker, and unwittingly becomes a part of the effort to unionize farm workers. He is run out of town, and while he is working in the city, meets and falls in love with the lovely Lonette McKee, who is a union organizer. He witnesses an assassination attempt on the Caesar Chavez character, and chooses to keep his moth shut. He is rewarded by the growers with a foreman job back home in the packing plant. He now has to juggle a wife, a girlfriend and son, and the wife of the preacher who gets his wife pregnant.

    Frankly, most of the humor was lost on me. McKee showed brief breast flashes, but looked great. IMDB readers say 6.0 of 10, but with only 68 votes. Prior is good in the role, which wavers between over the top, and believability, but it is a mediocre comedy at best. C.

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  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)


    The Doom Generation was the punk film that established Rose McGowan as her generation's "rebel without a clue". Rosie established a wicked character in this film that had a certain underground anti-establishment appeal. Her famous tag line: "eat my fuck", whatever that means. I guess it means "I don't know anything about anything, but I know I don't like what I have now". She developed something of a cult following among the goths, but that was seven years ago, and her career has progressed only fitfully.

    • Rose McGowan (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    Other crap:

    A long-buried treasure: Bill Shatner singing Rocket Man at a 1978 sci-fi awards show. RealVideo

    Mike Tyson struggles with an important moral dilemma

    Porno queen Asia Carrera shares her outtakes

    That ain't-it-cool-news site reviews X-Men 2 from a compromised script.


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    Today's "Damsel in Peril" is Phillipa Mathews in "Another 9 1/2 Weeks" as Mickey Rourke holds a knife to her boob.

    Then we take a look at a couple of scenes with Angie Everhart. Too bad this movie was so damned dark.

    • Phillipa Mathews (1, 2, 3, 4)

    • Angie Everhart, teasing in 1-2, breast exposure in #3. (1, 2, 3)

    DeadLamb takes a look at the Tales from the Crypt movie, "Demon Knight".

    Andrea Thompson??
    (1, 2)

    Mr. Skin came up with these 'caps of toplessness and rear nudity. He labeled them as Andrea, but the IMDb gives a credit to a "Rebecca Thompson". If anyone has any insight, let us know.

    Gillian Anderson
    (1, 2)

    DAI's 'caps of Scully making out with Letterman. Proving that he is the king of Late Night. After all, you never see anyone making out with Leno.

    Kirsten Dunst From Saturday Night Live. Nothing special, but since everyone is Kirsten and/or Spider-man crazy these days....

    Kate Beckinsale
    (1, 2)

    The "Pearl Harbor" babe topless in scenes from the UK movie, "Uncovered" (1994). Vidcaps by DeVo.

    Mathilda May One of the most popular chests to grace the pages of the Fun House. Here are vidcaps by Helvete of Mathilda topless in scenes from "La Teta y la luna" aka "The Tit and the Moon" (1994).

    Courtney Love Always a (ahem) class act. Here she is out in public wearing an extremely see-thru dress with only panties on underneath.

    Isabella Rossellini Full frontal nudity from the David Lynch classic "Blue Velvet".

    The Funnies

    Movie News
    Hey Scoops!

    About "Killing me Softly", it was released here in Spain last week. I went to watch it last Friday, and all I can say is than it is a BIG dissapointment. I like Fiennes, and Heather Graham is gorgeus, but the film just does not work. What really puzzles me is how it has been already released in Spain but not in the States...



    I saw "The New Guy" this weekend, and I thought I'd send out the alert - there's a nice, long scene where Eliza Dushku is modelling bikinis for Our Hero. Damn, that woman looks good. There are some other scenes with her and other fine looking women, but that bikini scene is just begging to be capped. The movie was pretty damned funny, too. I'd recommend seeing it.


    British Tabloids

    In the "Ah, those wacky Brits" Category...

    World Cup time is almost here, and The Sun's Page 3 is running a special series this week of Swedish babes in honor of England's Swedish coach. A different babe each day.