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  • In their divorce agreement, Rodman and Electra are now arguing over who gets to go to which nightclubs. Apparently they've agreed to a schedule that will enable them to avoid each other. I wush they'd give us that schedule, so we could avoid them both.
  • Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell announced she hasn't has sex in ages because she's saving herself for the right man. Luckily for her, Rodman is available.
  • A giant photo of Claudia Schiffer has been draped over the bell tower of Berlin's Memorial Church. The advertisers paid $130,000 for the ad, and the church congregation needed the money to pay for renovations. The Lord works in mysterious ways.
  • Cindy Crawford nude and seven months pregnant on the cover of W magazine. Stay tuned for details.
  • Danni Ashe ( is capitalizing on Star Wars mania with her own version, Bra Wars, on her site. Danni plays Boob Starknocker, the Jugeye Knight who must infiltrate the Breast Star. Her point: "anything is better with naked women". Let's see: State Funerals, check. Midnight mass from St Peter's: check. Calculus, check. Yup, she's right. All of those things would be better with naked women.
  • Weird - no way to describe this web site. The title is "Mr T vs Fred Sanford."
  • Bye Bye Monkey
  • Whoever recommended/requested this film (Ciao Maschio) sure came up with a good tip. I've never seen it, but it must have a ton of nude scenes, because Realist clogged my in-box with these things, and the main female star is gorgeous, but first --- here's the big surprise. Screen veteran Geraldine Fitzgerald was 63 when she made this movie, and she did a love scene with Depardieu, who was 28 at the time. Well, it didn't seem to do her any harm. Maybe it even revitalized the old gal a bit, because I think she's still alive now, more than two decades later, and was in a British sitcom called "Chalk" just a couple years ago. She appeared in her first movie in 1934, 14 years before Depardieu was born. Here is the rather surprising upskirt, caused when Marcello Mastroianni walks in on them. It does appear to show pretty much the whole works.
  • So much for Miss Fitzgerald. The rest of these are all the same woman: Gail Lawrence. Gail had a few other roles in real movies, but mostly she worked as Abigail Clayton, and made some very naughty movies, indeed. Her body is excellent. Here's a frontal.
  • Here's a topless scene while she eats a pastry
  • Depardieu gives her a quick breast exam. It look like the French Fatty is holding a snake.
  • and here Depardieu appears to be planting flowers in her pubic hair.
  • various
  • here's her pretty buns as she parades naked around his apartment. Also a lovely face shot.
  • her great chest visible in a shot in red light
  • a rear view as she does naked calisthenics
  • just wandering around naked inside
  • more red light, naked from the side
  • more red light. Three other women hold Depardieu down while Gail mounts him. NOTE: they are very close to doing it for real. Check out the placement of their genitalia
  • Gail on a nude beach
  • very nice close-up of her great chest in natural light
  • my favorite shot of her excellent buns
  • various, including some frontals
  • a naked Depardieu appears to be angry with her. Perhaps she mentioned that his butt is larger than most countries.
  • the scene continues as he pulls her legs apart and mounts her. Well, there went the Depardieu-free zone, including the ol' wiener. Gail is beautiful, but this is more of Depardieu than I ever wanted to see.
  • this one is just for laughs. Depardieu and the chimp share a meal. Realist mentioned that the director managed to side-step Depardieu's lack of comprehensible English by having him communicate with a whistle in his mouth. He'd make different noises with the whistle to communicate different emotions. No comment. Too easy.





  • Climb up to the top ropes with Crow and the gang. Here's Chyna in action.
  • Sable
  • Sable
  • Sable - beautiful shot of her nearly-bare buns.
  • Debra, the new woman's champ
  • Debra
  • Debra
  • Debra



    Graphic Response

  • The grandmaster picked up a couple more good ones. Ursula Andress in "Slave of the Cannibal God"
  • Valeria Golino in "Year of the Gun"
  • Nicole Kidman in "Billy Bathgate"
  • Elizabeth McGovern in "Women and Men: Stories of Seduction"
  • Hunter Tylo in "The Initiation"
  • Susannah York (preview, more tomorrow) in "The Scream"




  • It's great to see DonBun back from hiatus and resuming the path of rightousness, which is to say tracking down topless bimbos. Here's Vera Fisher in "I Love You"
  • Diane Franklin in "The Last American Virgin"
  • Mariangela Melato in "Summer Night"
  • Judy Thompson in "Teach Me Tonight"
  • Wendy Hamilton in "Midnight Temptations"





  • Three beautiful new collages from FR, all of Olivia Pascal in "Summer Night Fever"
  • Olivia Pascal
  • Olivia Pascal




    New series from Maelstrom

  • Maelstrom's eye, who finished either first or second in your favorite scanner poll, has just undertaken a new project. He's going to do the entire Maxim Top 50. These are sexy, but no nudity unless specifically mentioned. Here's #50, Natalie Imbruglia, and #49 Liv Tyler.
  • #48 Gillian Anderson, and #47 Lauryn Hill
  • #46 and 45, Buffy and Mrs Rodman
  • #44 and #43, Thandie Newton and Donna d'Errico
  • #42 and #41, Angelica Bridges and Milla. Bridges is nude
  • #40 and #39,Jenny McCarthy and Yasmine Bleeth.
  • #38 and #37, Asia Argento and Claudia Schiffer. #37 seems kind of low for Claudia, doncha think? Stay tuned for the rest as they arrive.




    Some small requests and submissions

  • One fella wrote in to say that the release of The Mummy is probably a good time to take a look at Rachel Weisz. Here she is in Stealing Beauty
  • here she is in The Advocates
  • and here she is in a dark purple vidcap, sans panties, but I don't know what movie this came from.
  • Hayley Mills in "Deadly Strangers"
  • Hayley Mills in "Deadly Strangers". I thought I had better copies of these caps, but I can't find them. Any help?
  • The hard-to-find-actresses guy sent in these caps of Joanna Kerns in "The Nightman". I think this modest rear shot is her only nude scene, and she waited until she was nearly 40 to expose an absolutely perfect bum!