Today's Images
Jennifer Aniston
  • Jennifer as scanned by DAI. I have some pretty good image viewing software, and when I super zoom in, I'm almost positive that we get a nipple peek on this one!
  • Claudia Mason
  • Next up on Scoopy's runway, a great, tall, sexy, brunette wearing the latest in see-thru mesh. There it is again! Mind you, I'm not complaining about the see-thru part, but as I've mentioned before, the last time mesh was popular was Madonna, circa 1985 during the "Like a Virgin" days. That was a long time ago people! And most fashion, especially from the early 80's, should not be revisited!
  • Another see-thru, but a much better fabric.
  • Claudia on the runway with some friends.
  • When I see outfits like this, I think two things. 1) Why don't the women I know dress like this? and then I think 2) It's probably better that I don't see the women I know wearing outfits like this, after all, with the exception of my actress friend in L.A., nobody I know is built this well!
  • Carolyn Murphy
  • Next up on Scoopy's runway, a waify thin beauty that is like a chameleon when it comes to her look. First we see her in purple leather pants (Always a nice accessory in my book!).
  • Toni Alessandrini
  • Don Bun strikes again! Great scans of another obscure screen bimbo!
  • Fun House Variety
  • "Sister Kate" nude! Stephanie Beacham, the sexy Brit from such T.V. and film greats as "Seacrap DSV", "Dynasty", and "Troop Beverly Hills". O.K., her body of work may stink, but I'm running her picture to show off her physical body. Very nice!
  • Sexy Italian actress, Monica Bellucci.