I Love Dick

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"Sex and Violence"

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Kim Parkhill

Hounds of Love


Johnny's comments:

Today a new Australian movie that hasn't even had a local release yet. Typical...

Hounds Of Love is a based on a true story thriller set in 1980s Perth about a married couple John and Evelyn White (Stephen Curry and Emma Booth) who cruise the streets looking for teenage girls to entice into their car and then they kidnap them, lock them up and perform all sorts of physical and sexual torture on their victims before killing them. Their latest victim is Vicki (Ashleigh Cummings), a school girl who sneaks out of her house to visit her boyfriend and is enticed by the couple with the promise of good dope. But Vicki is a fighter and she will try anything to get out of her predicament. She makes an escape attempt that is unsuccessful and she also notices that Evelyn is insanely jealous of any attention that John gives Vicki and she desperately tries anything to avoid John's advances, not always successfully. Her mother (Susie Porter), with a husband she recently separated from, attempts to track her down after they receive a letter Vicki was forced to write to get her family to not look for her. She receives very little help from the police. Can Vicki escape before John and Evelyn before they can add another scalp to their ever growing list?

As I said earlier, Hounds Of Love is based on a shocking true story that I don't know a lot about, but from what I know about it, the details including how it ended seem are fairly similar. The movie is tough going at times although it never gets extremely graphic with the violence/sexual assault, but that makes the movie no less intense. Both Curry and Booth are playing way against type, particularly Curry who is well known for his knockabout sidekick roles and is very convincingly nasty here. Cummings continues to impress, although playing a victim for most of the movie. She doesn't have a lot of work, but makes the most of it. Worth a look if you are into true crime tales, but definitely not an easy watch.

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