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"The L Word"

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Assassin is a thriller about a hitman Jamie (Danny Dyer) who is given $20,000 to kill a business impediment to gangster brothers Lee and John Alberts (Martin and Gary Kemp, sadly not playing the Kray Brothers again). While scoping his victim out, he spies stripper Chloe (Holly Weston) and falls for her. After performing the hit, he finds out that Chloe is the step-daughter of the hit and is very interested to find out who did it. This rankles the gangster brothers who decide to pay Jamie to kill Chloe, but Jamie has a crisis of conscience and decides to protect her and fakes Chloe's death before leaving town with her. But, the brothers are not convinced and use Chloe's best friend Alex (Anouska Mond) to contact her so that they can finish the job.

Stock standard stuff with Danny Dyer playing the preferable quiet, brooding side of his two acting personas and isn't half bad, but everything else has that seen it all before feel about it and is very much a B-grade movie.

Holly Weston film clip (collages below)

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Joey Fisher and Sara Fabel in Anarchy Parlor (2015) in 720p

Lauren Lee Smith in Cinemanovels (2013) in 1080hd

Nastassja Kinski in Stay As You Are (1978) in 720p.

According to IMDb, Kinski, now in her mid-fifties, is acting in films once again. They have her credited in a 2013 indie film called Sugar (IMDb page).


Amy Schumer wearing only a towel

Charli XCX see-through