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For the second straight week there was some Brigette Davidovici nudity on Californication (s7e6)

Billie Piper (or her body double?) did a topless scene in episode two of Penny Dreadful

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Tomorrow: Aesthete begins his look at "Party Down"

Orphan Black


Maria Doyle Kennedy: Mrs. S is very sexy as GILF. (s2e04)

Tatiana Maslany: preview of sex scene in next week's episode. (s2e05)



Danielle Kremeniuk: very sexy in love scene.

In the Paparazzi Lens

Avril Lavigne almost falling out of her bikini bottom.


Nurse 3D is an exploitation thriller where Abby Russell (Paz de la Huerta) is a decorated nurse, who also happens to be a married man-hating serial killer in her off hours. When Danni (Katrina Bowden) arrives at the hospital, Abby is asked to mentor her, but Abby wants much more, becoming infatuated with her, drugging her and having her way with her and Abby is going to get her one way or another, even if Danni seems to have no inkling of this infatuation and is totally involved with her paramedic boyfriend Steve (Corbin Bleu). Danni doesn't even bite when Abby rids her of her terrible stepfather (Martin Donovan). When new HR head Rachel Adams (Melanie Scrofano) recognises Abby from her previous life, it all starts to unravel for Abby. And a lot of dead bodies will be left in her wake. Nurse 3D is completely silly, but then that's the point. de la Huerta is a limited actress, but she is well cast here, using her sensational nude body to intimidate most of the cast and her deadpan delivery and always sullen look actually pays off here. She seems to be having a blast, well as much as one can when you're always sullen. This is a really trashy movie, but a lot of fun. If you're looking for more than that, you're in the wrong place.

Paz de la Huerta collages:

Katrina Bowden collages:

TV/Film Clips

The women of Alpha House, a new straight-to-DVD release

Mindy Robinson

Jacquelina Cardinale and Nina Kate

Vanessa Sheri

Heather Page Cohn

various unidentified

Gaite Jansen in Steekspel (2012)

Nicki Miller in Art Machine (2012) in 720p

Stephanie Hoener in Barefoot To The Neck (2009) in 720p


Miley Cyrus - more performing shenanigans