Mother's Day

Maid to Order


People started to notice Ally Sheedy in the early 80s in such films as Bad Boys and War Games. In 1985, she was in two Brat Pack films which resonated with her generation: St Elmo's Fire and The Breakfast Club. Those were both ensemble films and her contribution to their success was negligible, but she was a good team player and had attracted enough attention that some suits decided that she might be able to carry a film on her own. The vehicle they chose was this film, a fairy tale chick-flick about a spoiled rich girl who ends up working as a maid, thanks to a plot device which riffs on It's A Wonderful Life - her father wishes he had never had a daughter. As you can probably guess, the experience makes her a better person and leads her to true love as well.

It's the usual formula that used to work for Meg Ryan and Goldie Hawn and still occasionally works for Kate Hudson, J-Lo, Katherine Heigl, or Jennifer Aniston, but it wasn't successful in this case. The film was not well accepted by critics (36% positive reviews), film buffs (5.1 at IMDb), or general audiences ($9M gross). It never even snuck into the top ten films in any given week. The suits must have been understandably apprehensive about asking Ally to carry another film by herself, so her next starring vehicle was more like an ensemble film. It was yet another chick-flick in which Ally, Virginia Madsen and Phoebe Cates played three sorority friends who took different paths after college. That film, Heart of Dixie, bombed much worse than Maid to Order. Although the two films appeared in a comparable number of theaters, Heart of Dixie grossed only about a million dollars. After that point, the combination of box office failure and drug dependency caused Ally's career to disintegrate. She either took small parts or starred in small movies. She had fallen so far so fast that by 1992 she ended up playing an unnamed ticket agent in the Home Alone sequel. She gave Broadway a try, but her performance in Hedwig and the Angry Inch was widely panned, and she was soon relegated to made-for-TV films.

Well, the star thing didn't really work for her, but she experienced a bit of a career resurgence in art films in the late 90s, and is a survivor. She has managed to make a steady living in Hollywood up until the present day.


She did a skinny dipping scene in Maid to Order. Unfortunately, the quality of the DVD was very poor and the film was presented in a full screen version which may have just been a converted VHS master. (I noticed in the IMDb discussion boards that some fans of this movie are trying to promote an online petition to get a DVD re-release. They were not having much success. Let's face it, how many people really care one way or another?)

That is really Ally in the pool, of course, but the smart money says that the woman getting in and out of the pool is a body double, although I don't know for sure.

TV Round-Up

Episode 10 of The Girls' Guide to Depravity featured substantial nudity from Sally Golan

and a little bit from Alison Whitney

  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.

Total Recall


Out in theatres August 3 this summer.

Despina Iossifidis: she plays a sex-bot.

The Wingman


Sex comedy still waiting for a general release. No clips but here's some of the cast from various other sources.

Iris Paluly: cleavage in the play Sexual Perversity in Chicago.

Laura Wilson: sexy in the short Love Connection.

Cindy Lucas: very sexy in publicity shots.

Sonni Pacheco: sexy in Matt Webb music video Bad Girl.

Elena Esovolova: cleavage  from various sources.

30 Days of Night: Dark Days

(2010 video)

Vancouver hefmag model Diana Bello (also in The Wingman) was the stunt
butt for Mia Kirshner.

Diana Bello: bare butt standing in for Mia.

BONUS: Diana Bello: bare-assed modelling shots.

BONUS: Diana Bello: topless as stripper in gold bikini in Godivà's episode "Òut the Door".

Comforting Skin

(2011; trailer)

Horror-thriller starring Victoria Bidewell (Good Luck Chuck) who's often nekkid in this movie. She also goes lesbian with Jane Sowerby.

Mangal Sutra

(2009; trailer)

Bollywood horror starring Albina Hussain aka Albina Nahar.


(2010; trailer)

This sex comedy starring Christine Tizzard and Rebecca Nicholson was supposed to be released on DVD but instead recently ended up on SuperChannel where a lot of movies disappear (Reel Zombies, Silent But Deadly).

Ed the Sock


The website is being rebooted this summer.

Liana Kerzner: Ed's personal humidor in very sexy photos.

Oliver Sherman


I overlooked this movie for a year because a film reviewer suggested Molly Parker may have used a breastfeeding double. Obviously this film reviewer had never seen Molly Parker nekkid.

Molly Parker: full boob exposure with rock hard nibs.

The Moth Diaries


Movie taking place in a private girls school with teenage girls played by actresses old enough to be graduate students in wimmin's studies.

Laurence Hamelin: breasts in nude sex scene.

Sarah Gadon: nude sex scene but showing nothing.

Lily Cole: clingy swimsuit.

stunt double: butt visible in see-through gown as Lily Cole's stunt double.

Silent But Deadly


Rebeka Coles-Budrys: topless as Russian lesbian mail order bride.

Vanessa Burns: topless as Russian lesbian mail order bride.

The Divide


Disturbing movie about a group of people descending into madness in a nuclear bomb shelter.

Rosanna Arquette: nipple visible though clothing, duct tape bra and panties getting raped.

Lauren German: buns getting raped.

Frozen River


Melissa Leo: bra and panties.

The Howling: Reborn

(2011 video)

Erica Deutschman: sexy as pill-popping girl.

Voodoo Moon

(2006 TV movie)

Jayne Heitmeyer: bare breast with nipples covered with tape, buns in sex scene.


(2012 TV mini-series)

More non-Kate Winslet nudity.

Josephine de La Baume: side boob.

"Pants-Off Dance-Off"

(tv series)

MuchMusic version of the MTV dance competition.

Lynzey Patterson: bra and panties stripping.

The Pyx


This movie has excellent DVD commentary by Karen Black who admits she never wore a bra while in her movies during the early 1970s which was a bonus because she wore a flimsy blouse and then a see-through nightgown.

Karen Black: pokies, topless in sheer gown.

body double: Karen Black's stunt butt.

Louise Rinfret: upskirt.

Julie Wildman: topless as Christopher Plummer's girlfriend.

BONUS: Julie Wildman: bare butt in Loving & Laughing (1971).

BONUS: Julie Wildman: face shot in The Apprentice (1971).

"Curious and Unusual Deaths"

season 2

episode: Death by Handiwork

Candy Pryce: boob almost popping out of towel.

episode: Death by the Great Outdoors

Camisha Young: bikini.

Ivanka Morava: bikini.

episode: Death by Routine Maintenance

Helena Janik: boob almost popping out of teddy.

Sophia Fabiilli: a bit of sideboob.

episode: Death Under Pressure

Monica Nowak: rock hard swimsuit pokies.


BONUS: Monica Nowak: underwear in the upcoming webseries The Burlesque Sisters.


episode: Blackout

Mid-season cautionary episode about teen drinking.

Ksenia Solo: showing cleavage pre-Lost Girl fame.

Magda Apanowicz: cleavage, fully clothed sex.


episode: Alicia Pratta

Janet Porter: in a born-again t-shirt that makes her as sexy as a Baptist whore with a $500 donation.

The Theatre Bizarre

(2011, multipart film)

segment "The Mother Of Toads"

Victoria Maurette: clingy bikini.

Lisa Belle aka Lisa Crawford: porn star in nude sex scene.

segment "I Love You"

Suzan Anbeh: sexy but dead.

segment "Wet Dreams"

Debbie Rochon: sexy.

Jodii Christianson: boobs and buns with killer coochie (or bad case of crabs?). She just happens to be the aussie girlfriend of one of the producers.

segment "Sweets"

Lindsay Goranson: bare back.

Erin Marie Hogan: cleavage.

Hot Tw*t

(2010 short)

Short about some porn producers who make a commercial for a sex line.

Natalie Chickee: bra and panties in commercial as grainy as a 1930s porn movie.

Natalie Chickee: bra and panties in better publicity photo.

Gingerlip Kids

(2010 short)
From the same makers of Hot Tw*t

Cara Gee: side boob in sex scene.

BONUS: Cara Gee: very sexy in publicity photo.

Sweet Prudence & the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot


The movie ends with a hell of an orgy, featuring Angie Bates, Albina Nahar, Lynzey Patterson, and Heather O'Donnell

BONUS: Bianca Gross: her character didn't return for the orgy in Sweet Prudence but here's an arms-over boobs modelling photo.


Some Quebec university students took off their clothes to protest tuition fees.