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Naked News announced some changes in the anchor line-up in the Monday episode

1. Madison Banes and Andrea Sully have been added as permanent anchors

2. Long-time anchor Whitney St. John has been removed from the closing roster and the opening credits

3. Eila Adams has not moved to Australia after all.

Olivia Chenery was topless and gruesome in Sunday's Penny Dreadful (s2e2) in 720p

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"The L Word"

season one

1080hd. s1e13

Laurel Holloman

Mia Kirshner


A few comments:

1) Aesthete found the killer clip from Banshee, Season 2 Episode 2 in which an uncredited stripper looked a lot like Tessa Fowler.  Turns out there are more than two reasons to think that is Tessa.  Found some pics of her showing her backside - impressive enough - but for our purposes the pics also show she has the same tattoo as the gal in the clips, so I'm a-gonna say that is Tessa alright.  Here's hoping she remains very busy making movies.

2) Emmy Rossum does not get the respect from us of the Funhouse Readership that I figure she deserves.  She is a beauty, with a near-perfect form for those of us into the less-is-more sort of thing, and she gives up the goods on a regular basis in Shameless.  So, I am voting for her this year when it comes time to pick the nekkid scene(s) of the year.  Don't care if Jennifer Aniston goes full-frontal spread-eagle for twenty minutes (well, yes, I do care but still) I am voting for Emmy.  

Emmy in s5e4

Emmy in s5e6


Film and TV Clips

Erin Gavin and Zoe Stollery in Dread (2009) in 1080hd

Laura Donnelly, also in Dread


Willa Holland

Jean Simmons in some frames which never made it into the final cut of Spartacus