TV Recap

There was plenty of nudity in last night's Game of Thrones

Charlotte Hope

Sarine Sofair and another woman


Nadine Koesters was topless very briefly in the latest Tatort (episode 911)


Somebody named Melissa was nekkid on Sunday's edition of Naked News


Zoe Saldana won't be naked in Rosemary's Baby (it's on NBC), but she appeared in her underwear in e1


Don Draper got into a 3-way on last night's Mad Men. There was no nudity, but Jessica Pare got down to her bra and panties (and it's a damned entertaining watch).

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s1e11, 1920x1080

Laura Vandervoort's character

(nudity by Kristen Pizycki)

TV/Film Clips

Matilde Gioli in Human Capital (2013) in 1080p

Zrinka Cvitesic in The Horseman (2013)

Alexia Rasmussen and Kristina Klebe in Proxy (2013) in 720p



The women of Fugitive Rage (1996) - approximately vhs quality

Wendy Schumacher

Nikki Fritz


Some better pictures of Pixie Lott in her see-thru top