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Fugitive Rage



The daughter of a Seal team commander (Wendy Schumacher) stands up in the courtroom where a mobster has just been acquitted for murdering her sister, and unloads a revolver into him. He lives, she goes to prison. He wants her dead, but someone else wants him dead, and arranges for her to receive parole and immunity if she finishes the job. She has made friends with her cellmate, and bargains for her release as well. The Mafia henchmen prove to be pretty lame, and Wendy is pretty sharp, but she has more enemies than she realizes.

Fugitive Rage was directed by B-film schlockmeister Fred Olen Ray, but in spite of that is an OK thriller that gets a little far fetched in the final act.

Wendy Schumacher shows breasts. Shauna O'Brian shows breasts and buns.

RLDVDs says: "This DVD is now deleted (Out of Print), and when our current stock runs out there is none more available. Fullscreen, Dolby Digital English, All Regions PAL." Click the image below for additional info.


Fugitive Rage (1986)

Wendy Schumacher



Shauna O'Brian









The Big Bird Cage


The Time Machine goes back to the early seventies to fuel up on cheap gas.


Anitra Ford was probably best known as one of the "Barker's Beauties"  on the "Price is Right". Brief boobs and a flash of bush before she winds up as a "Babe in Bondage" suspended by her hair. Caps and four clips. First three solo clips , then Teda Bracci with some boobage in the other clips.



Pam Grier ofers some flashes of boob and some cleavage in this clip. (Not a good film to see nudity from Pam.)

Wendy Green shows a breast in a second Pam Grier clip.



Rizza Fabia in a see through blouse in a "Babe in Bondage Scene".








Notes and collages


JoBeth Williams



The Betsy

Kathleen Beller



Scoop's note: Many women are half-hearted about quitting their acting careers, but the beautiful Kathleen Beller walked away and never looked back. She hasn't been anywhere in the public eye since 1992, and her current whereabouts seem to be shrouded in rumor and mystery. I read that she lives part of the year in San Mateo and the rest in England, but the person who wrote that admitted that there was really no hard evidence to support it. Her husband, Thomas Dolby, keeps a chatty blog, but I didn't see any mention of his family there.

I Hate My Job

Neve Campbell








Here are the last two clips from Tutti Frutti, featuring a European nude model and sometime actress, Petra Vieten.

Today's clip(s): Peitra Vieten








Spanish update


Yo Soy la Juani


Veronica Echegui and Marti Laya film clips

Veronica Echegui collages


Marti Laya collages

Joana Lopez film clips (collages below)




Savage Grace


Elena Anaya film clips (collages below)



Soldados de Salamina


Maria Botto film clips





Catica Ana


Manuela Velles film clips (collages below)









Emma Sjoberg shows her breasts to that master Shakespearian actor, Dennis Rodman, in a film called Simon Says.


Lena Olin in The Night and the Moment.

 I think this was the last time she did screen nudity without a body double.


Miranda Richardson gives up some flesh in the same film



Film Clips

Man, we sure have a lot of Spanish material today!

Although the nudity is exiguous, there are two major stars in Vanilla Sky: Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz. This is a remake of a Spanish film, with Penelope Cruz reprising the role she had played in the original. The Spanish film is terrific, but the remake didn't work for me for several reasons: (1) Penelope Cruz was not effective in English at that point in her career. (2) The mysterious and dark sci-fi ambience was not a good match for Cameron Crowe's strengths. (3) The film's big kick hinges on maintaining audience curiosity until a surprise ending explains all. Since I had previously seen the film in Spanish, I knew the surprise before I started watching, and was thus cut off from the film's strongest "hook."

Two English-speaking actresses went to Madrid to film Los Aos Barbaros, and joined in the Spanish tradition of clothing removal: Hedy Burress and Allison Smith. It was quite a surprise for American audiences to see the nudity from Smith, a former child star and Broadway sensation.

What would a discussion of Spanish nudity be without a mention of the Grande Dame of nekkid Spanish tootsies, Victoria Abril, who rarely wears clothes on camera or off. Here she is in five clips from Si te dicen que ca, an odd 1989 film in which she plays three roles. Some of the sex scenes are surprisingly explicit, and Victoria was pregnant with her first son, Martin. Antonio Banderas co-stars, although the hottest sex scenes involve Jorge Sanz, not Banderas.

OK, I guess we need a bit of non-Spanish material.

First, Jenny Agutter discusses her nude scenes in Walkabout. (The interview is intercut with those scenes.)

Second, Sheila Lussier shows off some aftermarket jumbo jacks in Strange Wilderness (2008), sample below