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Mercy (2000)

Here's a clip of one of my favorite nude scenes. Peta Wilson in Mercy. (zipped .avi)

Here are my comments about the movie. I called it "an average noir mystery, but one of the all-time greats of nudity!"


Chocolate (2005):

I'll bet you are wondering why The Masters of Horror TV series has an episode directed by Mick Garris. Mick who? I mean in the history of modern horror films, his name is never mentioned up there with Argento, Raimi, Craven, Carpenter and Romero. Well, there's a good reason why he got his own episode. He created the show.

It's a strange little piece about a guy who establishes a psychic connection with a woman in another country, to the point where he can see what she sees and feel what she feels - including getting fucked! It all leads up to his experience of her committing a murder, followed by his need to find her.

Whatever failings it may have, and there are several including a lame ending, it has some very nice nudity from Leah Graham and  Lucie Laurier. I don't know how much more we need to ask of Mr Garris. He done us perverts proud.

Leah Graham

Lucie Laurier (The last one is stitched together from five images.)


Other Crap:

  • "Everyone knows that the last book the president read was My Pet Goat,” one aide said. “Expecting him to read an 18-page letter is really asking for it, and that Iranian dude must have known that.”

Colbert's Better Know a District - Nebraska's Fightin' Second

Stephen Colbert calls upon athletes to commit more crimes.

Colbert Report: Death from Above: Bird Flu is Going to Kill Everyone

  • We have to learn everything we can about bird flu from now till the end of May sweeps.

Stephen Colbert asks The Smoking Gun's Bill Bastone why he's one of those reporters who finds things out.

Jon issues an open apology to the local weather team of Terre Haute, Indiana

The Daily Show's Senior Epistolary Correspondent, Rob Corddry, analyzes Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's 18 page letter to Dubya

Back in Black is Back

  • "Lewis Black returns with a look at how publicists are the new journalists."

Jon Stewart interviews crazy Billy Connolly

A performance legend - Bruce Springsteen performs Dancing in the Dark, Courteney Cox comes on stage to dance with him!

First Class in concert, singing "Beach Baby"

  • Check out the hand motions of the lead singer

George Lucas finished the script for Indy 4.

Another clip from X-Men 3

Daily Show: Headlines - Iran's Leader is Going Postal

The latest celeb out of control: Bijou Phillips

Far right figure in UK has some 'splainin' to do

  • Like, for example, what he was doing as director of a gay porn film with a weltanschauung described as "Marxist"

"Iran's ever level-headed Ahmadinejad says evil Israel will be annihilated"

  • Well, that will be a relief to the people who were worried about him having nukes

And you thought Cheech and Chong rolled some monster doobies!

American Idol mathematics. A theory of how Chris Daughtry was voted off? (Pure spec, and unsupported, but may hold some water.)

The New York Daily News - in a bad slump (As reported by its rival, The New York Post. Ah, schadenfreude.)

  • The News once boasted the largest circulation of any newspaper in America. It is still in the top ten, but its 700,000 per day is no match for USA Today or The Wall Street Journal, which have three times the circulation. The Post is just a hair lower than the News, and can't wait to overtake them.

"Despite his 12 years as an undergraduate student, Johnny Lechner realized something was missing from his academic record: he'd never studied abroad."

  • And so, the 29-year-old perpetual student who was expected to finally graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater withdrew his application for graduation Monday, five days before commencement

"Motorists approaching Stockholm late Tuesday were met with the unlikely sight of three elephants grazing by the highway"

A classic five-minute scene from Spaceballs

Congress Proposes Car Powered Entirely By Hypocrisy

"Watch Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson and Matt Dillon in the trailer for 'You, Me and Dupree.'"

Watch last night's episodes of Lost and Alias at

101 Hottest Hollywood Skin Flicks


Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Battle in Heaven (2005)

Battle in Heaven is essentially slow motion sex among non-actors, some of them more than a little obese, and is impossibly arty. Not only that, but what we see contradicts itself, such that we have no real  idea what is real and what isn't.

Marcos Hernandez plays a chauffeur to a general's daughter. His wife sells cheap trinkets in a subway corridor for a living. The two have kidnapped a baby for ransom, but the baby died. Marcos confesses to Anapola Mushkadiz, the general's daughter, but she has her own secret. She works as a hooker in a brothel for kicks. This somehow creates a bond between the two. Marcos is terribly conflicted about the dead baby, and Ana encourages him to turn himself in. Marcos' wife, Bertha Ruiz, won't hear of it, and wants Ana shut up. It is hard to tell what is going on in Marcos' head, as his expression never changes, even when he is getting a real blow job from, or having real sex with, Ana, or having simulated sex with his wife Martha. 

Carlos Reygados, whose first film was well received, obviously has a lot of talent, but was a complete failure as a storyteller here. There are some positive reviews, and folks who specialize in finding film symbolism are able to discover some here, which pleases the director. In fact, he welcomes any interpretation of his film, even if it is not something that entered his mind. Anapola felt the film, like Mexico, was all about contradictions. The actual inspiration for this film was a shirtless and barefoot fat man walking by a cathedral in the rain, holding a religious relic.

Reygados works without scripts, and prefers non-actors. He doesn't want the viewing public to associate his characters with previous roles. Also, he casts people who naturally portray something that appeals to him. He cares more about imagery than story or characters.  Reygados is clearly fearless, has the ability to get brave performances from his casts and has visual style and technical ability. We will hear more from him, hopefully with a better inspiration next time.

I tend to agree with Scoop's emotion in assigning a D, but the film does have an audience that seems to "get it." Thus, it is a C-

Anapola Muskhadiz

Bertha Ruiz

Grace Avila









Jennifer Aniston in Derailed (2005)







The ol' Time Machine had its checkup and has been serviced, so we're off to 1977 for " Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals." I guess you would call this one a sexploitation-gore fest.

No gore today, as we make up for yesterday's lack of nudity with Laura Gemser, who has never had a problem showing off her body.

Then Laura is joined in the water by Monica Zanchi and both give us some nice full frontal nudity.

More to come.





'Caps and comments by The Gimp:

The women portrayed today are from a compilation disk called The Best of North Pole 2.

They include Jeanie Rivers ...

... and Zoe Young ...

... plus two women who have done more than their fair share of B-movie nudity. The latter are April Flowers, who uses the name Diana Espen in her more legit work ...

and Taylor St. Claire. Taylor started out in B movies but moved to the X-rated stuff after everyone she met assumed she already had.





Dann reports on Jolly Roger: Massacre at Cutter's Cove

The folks at The Asylum (studios) have a track record of making pretty good low budget, campy but fun, gory but cool, plenty of nudity, fairly well acted horror flicks. 2005's Jolly Roger: Massacre at Cutter's Cove is no exception. Jolly Roger himself was a hoot; Rhett Giles did a fine job in the role.

Campers (it's always campers - Asylum must have a permanent campfire set) stumble upon a treasure chest. Unfortunately, it contains only an old skull. One of them cuts himself and bleeds on the chest, and that eventually brings ol' JR back to life.

The founding fathers of Cutter's Cove turn out to have been pirates who screwed over Jolly, so he's back for revenge by killing off their descendants one-by-one, usually by beheading them with his sword. Talk about zero population growth.

Lots of fun to watch, provided you're a horror fan and don't take anything too seriously. Oh, and Megan Lee Ethridge, who starred in Alien Abduction as a brunette, had a smaller part in this one, but as a redhead, and I personally think she's cuter as a redhead (not that she'd much care what I think, I suppose ).


Megan Lee Ethridge Kristina Korn Bernadette Perez Carrie Booska





Skin - Chloe Sevigny's latest nudity in Big Love
LC  also did a take on Chloe Sevigny in Big Love
LC - Beatrice Constantini in Camping
LC - Mathilde Seigner in Camping
LC - Sophie Nollet in Camping
LC - ??? in Camping
LC - Janet Lane in Lucky Number Sleven
LC - Marion Cotillard in Mary


Pat's comments in yellow...

Accenture Technology Labs of France has developed a Dorian Gray-like device called the Persuasive Mirror, which shows what your lifestyle will do to you over time. Webcams send an image of the subject to a flat screen.  The image is filtered through software that contains information about the person's diet and exercise habits.  At the push of a button, the image shifts to a computer simulation of what the person will look like in, say, 20 years.  It's designed to shock young people in adopting healthier habits, and one teenage girl said it was very powerful to suddenly see herself fat and saggy with multiple chins.  They are now refining it to include the ravages of smoking, booze and drugs.

*  It will just show you a photo of Keith Richards.

*  I thought I already had one of these, but unfortunately, it was just my
bathroom mirror.

Former President Bush and President Bush said they both think Jeb Bush
would make a great president

* Then again, they both thought that about themselves.