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Jamie Rose clip (caps below)

Margaret Howell clip (caps below)

Randi Brooks clip (caps below)




Film Clips

Zora Klostermann in Pixelschatten (2011, German TV; see below)

Laura Bach in No Right Turn (2009; see below)

Laura Harris in The Faculty (1998; see below). This was one of the most popular scenes in the early days of the Fun House, and one of the first nude scenes on DVD. It would have been one of the top nude scenes of 1998, but that was the year before we started the poll! Imagine my shock to find out that the little vixen Laura Harris is now 34 years old. Anyway, the scene is now available in 1080p!

Sofia Milos of CSI: Miami in Part Time (2004). This is a 4-hour mini-series from RAI in Italy. The quality is unimpressive, but she's very naked. See below.

Francesca Neri in Carne Tremula (1997; see below)

Vivian Wu in The Pillow Book in 720p. Impressive.

Alex Kingston in Crocodile Shoes (1994). Since I like her, and since she was in her physical prime here, this is just about the highlight of my week! (See below)

Here are the rest of Thirsty Rabbit's clips from the 1970 Danish version of Quiet Days in Clichy. Sample collages below each.

Louise White

Petronella and another woman

Ulla Koppel

"Supervivientes" is the Spanish equivalent of "Survivor," except with nudity. Normally I wouldn't bother with this sort of thing, but I thought you might like some examples to see how things are different on TV in Spain: Aida Nizar and Tatiana Delgado


Another recent shot of the new, rounder version of Jennifer Love Hewitt emerging from the all-you-can-eat Mexican buffet. Hey, she can do so much damage to the buffet that Barkley tries to cut in front of her.

better versions of the Pippy Longstocking royal-in-law titties

Candice Swanepoel

Rebecca Cheney in Cougars, Inc (2011)

Maia Swift in Cougars, Inc (2011)

Keyonna Patterson in Cougars, Inc (2011)

San-Ha Oh in I Saw the Devil (2010)

Gianella Neyra in Polvo enamorada (2003)

Liana Iniesta in Asesino in Serio (2002)

Laila Saab in Asesino in Serio (2002)

Ivonne Montero in Asesino in Serio (2002)