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Wilderness Survival for Girls

Wilderness Survival for Girls (2004) is a first effort from husband and wife team Eli B. Despres and Kim Roberts. It was shot on digital with a $90K budget, two locations, and a cast of four.

Three girls celebrate their High School graduation by going to a remote high-altitude cabin in the Colorado Rockies. The next night, a strange man shows up at their door. Evidently, he has been squatting there for a long time, but his appearance reminds the girls of a murder several years before. They must decide of this man is "the man" and how much of a threat he is to them. Moreover, the man represents something different to each of the three girls.

Kate (Ali Humuston) is the most worldly of the three girls. She is sexually experienced, drinks, smokes, uses drugs, and tries to present a tough, confident face to the world. Inside, she was a victim of sexual abuse, and she desperately wants acceptance from the other two girls. Deb (Megan Henning) wears glasses, is smart, and is a closet carpet-muncher with a huge crush on Kate. Ruth (Jeanette Brox) is a mass of insecurity, is Deb's best friend, has no sexual experience, even with herself, and is the type of person who wants to be nice and make everyone happy.

I don't want to go further with plot developments because I am recommending this indie film, and it is more about the girls, their feelings about themselves, and their relationships with each other than it is the suspense created by the man. The ensemble cast is perfect, and stays believable the entire film. Despres and Roberts, who wrote, produced and directed, clearly met all of their expectations in this film, and created a unique and rewarding take on the shopworn "girls afraid in the woods" theme.

This is a C+, representing a superior accomplishment for a low budget indie film.

The DVD commentary is also well above average, as the husband and wife team talked about all aspects of making the film, including casting, acting, lighting on the cheap, and the technical challenges presented by filming on digital video. Incidentally, in the commentary, Despres and Roberts state that there is a definite answer to the mystery of whether the stranger was guilty of murder or not, and that the evidence was in the film. I think I know the answer, but would not bet big money on my opinion.

IMDb readers say 7.7 based on 20 votes.

It played a couple of festivals, and garnered a best actress award for Jeanette Brox from the Los Angeles IFP festival.


Ali Humiston shows breasts and buns sunbathing.



Megan Henning shows her left breast in the same scene.









Boogie Nights

Today the time Machine is off to 1997 for a double feature. First a classic (in my mind) Heather Graham in "Boogie Nights" topless and full frontal.

(Scoop's note: see Rollergirl's almost-as-cute sister in the Rokwatch section today)


Mike Hammer (TV)

Then from the TV series "Mike Hammer, Private Eye" we have Shannon Whirry as a tied up in her bra "Babe in Bondage", plus some leg shots of Shannon.









Big Bad Wolf


I could write a review for this but I won't, I'll just tell you that this movie has a freaking HORNY Werewolf who likes to rape his females victims doggie style. Oh yes, you also have lines like, "Little pigs let me in!" and the werewolf telling a girl "Let's go to the cabin to do some bestiality." In other words, if you like Horror Comedies, WATCH THIS!

You also get T&A, so even better.

Only drawback was the make-up, The Wolf looks like the Wishmaster on Fur, but who cares? He's the freakin' Big Bad Wolf, so he can look however he likes.


Robin Sydney


Sarah Smith




Shannon Malone







Notes and collages

Perdita Durango

Aimee Graham









Cry Wolf



Erica Yates


Sandra McCoy


Lindy Booth








One of the most interesting aspects of this 2006 biopic is that it probably pissed off more people than it entertained. Fans of Diane Arbus were infuriated by this movie, which they say totally misrepresented her life and her work. The producers defend it by saying that as the title insinuates, it was a highly fictionalized work just very loosely based on her life. That appears to be an understatement.

Diane Arbus was a photographer who won high acclaim for her stark and often bizarre black and white photographs of subjects that sometimes included marginalized people such as New York's street people, and people who are sometimes referred to as circus freaks, and for pictures that captured the mundane with an unusual eye.

She took her own life in 1971, but the movie focuses on her early years, and her work with the unusual people. In particular, it focused on the relationship, which bloomed into romance, with Lionel, a man stricken with hypertrichosis, which is uncontrolled growth of hair all over the body. Unfortunately for those looking for accuracy, neither Lionel nor the romance existed. In fact, almost everything in the movie is total fiction, which is probably why one Arbus fan called it "total crap".

For those who are unaware of Arbus, the movie is a mildly interesting drama that plods often, doesn't really seem to have a point, and is probably most interesting to Nicole Kidman fans. I will say, though, that Robert Downey Jr. did an outstanding job as Lionel; he was probably the best thing about the movie.

Lynne Marie Stetson Gwendolyn Bucci Nicole Kidman as Diane Arbus The real Diane Arbus






Hi there! This Wrenna Monet pic might be a spoiler for some because The Shield aired in France before the USA. She is the body double for one of the female cops.

Best regards,


Julie Delpy in The Hoax
Jen Araki in The Sopranos, s6e15
Flora Martinez in Rosario Tijeras
Julia Fischer in Die Nacht Der Lebenden Loser
Nadine Germann in Die Nacht Der Lebenden Loser
Marina Hands in Lady Chatterley
Monica Bellucci in Le Concile de Pierre
Olivia Wilde in The Death and Life of Bobby Z






Toneda Laiwan in The System Within.
Oh, no. More Fran Drescher. Is she making a comeback? I can't wait for Beautician and the Beast 2.






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

New York state assemblyman Felix Ortiz has strippers and strip club owners up in arms over his proposal to make them pay for state permits or face fines.  Ortiz says the purpose of the permits is to make sure exotic dancers are of legal age, legally documented, not being forced to perform, and are paying taxes on cash they get for tips and lap dances.  But several angry Manhattan exotic dancers said they think the politicians are "just trying to make money off of us."

*  Didn't the Supreme Court outlaw the Pole Tax? 

A man in Middelburg, South Africa, is in court facing sexual offense charges after he allegedly hired three strippers to perform at his son's 16th birthday party.  Prosecutors claim he allowed the teenage guests to drink alcohol and touch the strippers, who at one point were allegedly completely naked.

*  16-year-old boys shouldn't be seeing and touching naked women who aren't their teachers.

Sunday's News of The World carried a story by an anonymous "pal" of Lindsay Lohan who said she was worried about how much coke Lindsay was snorting, and to try to shock her into cleaning up, the pal sold the UK tabloid a series of cell phone photos of Lohan and friends in a club's ladies' room, apparently doing drugs.  Lohan's lawyer Mike Heller refused to comment on the actual content of the photos but offered this classic bit of spin:  "This just goes to show how hard it is to be Lindsay Lohan, who's even denied her privacy in the sacred confines of a ladies' room stall, and then must fend off the slings and arrows of false allegation."

*  The sacred confines of a ladies' room stall are for throwing up after chugging a fifth of Wild Turkey.