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Clinton Soft Drink Ban: President Bush Responds to Communist Plot to Deny America's Youth the FREEDOM to be Diabetes-Ravaged Lardasses (WHITEHOUSE.ORG)

Guess: real or spoof? Donald Trump now has his own brand of vodka

"Halliburton's reputation as a disaster and conflict industry innovator will be cemented by the SurvivaBall, a one-size-fits-all solution to global warming."

Trivia: which actor holds the record for the most consecutive $100+ million movies.

You just know the headline writer was having a good laugh over this one: "Keith Richards' brain is OK"

  • I'm not sure which doctor made that diagnosis, but that boy needs instant decertification.
  • Either that, or the surgeon was Jesus.

The first clip from Snakes on a Plane, and an interview with Samuel L.


"Shock. Total shock. That was the reaction in the audience when 'American Idol' finalist Chris Daughtry was booted off in Wednesday's voting."

Iowahawk has found the first draft of the Iranian president's letter to George Bush.

Colbert Report: Cruel and Magically Unusual

  • "If Moussaoui loses, he spends the rest of his life in David Blaine's bubble."

Colbert Report: Sigmund Freud, Superegomaniac ... "Self-examination is only good for prostates and breasts"

Colbert Report: Movies Destroying America: Summer Blockbbuster Edition

The Daily Show's Jason Jones profiles a man preventing Canadians from sneaking into the country by the bazillions.

The Daily Show: "As reporters question Rumsfeld, you wonder if it's the fairness or the balance you're smelling."

CLERKS II joins Cannes Film Festival 2006!

Alabama McDonald's to Display Reagan Bust to Commemorate Visit

  • "a bronze bust of the former president, inside a case with a halogen light shining on it 24 hours a day."
  • The eternal flame-broil!
  • Oh, damn. That's Burger King.

Lost in 'Lost'

  • "Devout online followers slide each episode under the microscope, seeking to answer questions that go far beyond if and when castaways will get off their mysterious island."
  • Big deal. In my day we used to do the same with Gilligan. Example: "Of the Skipper, The Professor and Gilligan, how many were gay?"

Dave Barry's Blog: T-SHIRT OF THE DAY SO FAR

Daily Show: Scary Movie bloopers

  • Zarqawi put out a videotape to prove to jihadists that he's all that and a bag of hummus.

Schools' prom gift: Beer mugs and champagne glasses

Ratings of Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove Sinking to New Depths

  • Rove is about even with Saddam Husssein and Charles Manson

Chokeback Mountain

Engadget & Joystiq's live coverage of Sony's PlayStation 3 E3 event

From Cheerleader Guy: Today is the anniversary of one of the greatest sports photos of all time.

Scarlett Johansson Is Never Getting Naked Again, not even in the shower.

This video is quite funny: Darth Vader calls the Emperor collect - to report the loss of the Death Star

Connery chosen as Britain's sexiest pensioner

  • I guess he's the ONLY sexy pensioner in Britain, since an American finished second
  • (Second place winner Tony Hopkins is an American citizen and lives in Los Angeles.)
  • (The article says that third place winner Patrick Stewart is a sprightly lad of 64, but if that were true he would not even have been on the ballot. Men must be 65 to draw a pension in the UK. Stewart is 65, and will turn 66 in July)
  • Helen Mirren was voted the sexiest lady pensioner, which sounds reasonable, since the old gal is still doing nude scenes and still looks pretty doggoned good.

I swear, this is a real headline at BBC News ... What would Jesus drive?

  • This is specifically covered in the bible.
  • God drives a Plymouth Fury. Psalms 2:5, "Then will He terrify them in His Fury."
  • Jesus drives an Accord. John 7:28, "You know me, and you know where I come from? But I have not come of my own Accord."
  • On the other hand, Jesus might change his mind if he test-drives the new Cadillac Moneychanger. He loves driving those Moneychangers.

OK, I made one of these up. Can you guess which one?"Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, China and Russia won seats on the new UN Human Rights Council"

Actual New York Daily News Headline: Team flushes competition in sewage contest

In public's eyes, Tom's less of a Top Gun

  • You think President Bush has popularity problems? Cruise has dropped from a 58% favorable rating to 35% in just ten months.

Letterman: Top Ten Surprises In ABC's Bird Flu Movie

  • Thanks to sponsorship deal, flu is cured by delicious taste of Dr. Pepper
  • Sad conclusion in which Charlie Brown puts a bullet in Woodstock
  • Sole survivors Michael Jackson and Rosie O'Donnell are forced to repopulate the earth

Firms find dealing with Cruise a tough mission

USC Prof Shown Topless On Personal Web Site.

  • The aforegoing link goes to the NBC story. Here are the three controversial pictures.

JoBlo's Top 10 Unintentionally Gay Movie Moments


Headline of the day: "Found! King Tut's penis"


Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Croupier (1996)

Croupier (1996) is a UK thriller starring Clive Owen as a wannabe writer, living with a woman he half cares for, when his ne'er-do-well father calls announcing that he has set him up with a job as a croupier in a London casino. Clive has had experience in South African casinos, where he was practically raised, since his father was a gambler and card shark. Because of that and the fact that his father's problems ran his mother off, Clive doesn't gamble. He gets the job, and suddenly knows what his first novel will be about. It will be about the life of the croupier.

There is a nearly constant voice-over narration is to what he is thinking, a required element since he is outwardly reserved and laconic.  His narration reveals that he perversely enjoys taking the money from the "punters." Even though he doesn't gamble, and has nothing but contempt for those that do, he is a risk-taker in other ways. He sleeps with a co-worker, Kate Hardie, even though that is against the rules, and agrees to a drink with Alex Kingston, a customer, even though that is also against the rules. Kingston tries to enlist him in a robbery scheme.

Plenty of positives. I found the premise interesting, and enjoyed the insights into the gaming industry. The narration is both literate and entertaining. Finally, there was some full frontal nudity from Alex Kingston and a very nice little plot twist at the end.

IMDb readers say 7.3. Ebert says 3 stars, and Berardinelli gives a rare 3 1/2.

This is a C+.

Alex Kingston does a full frontal

Kate Hardie shows her breasts.









Maggie Q in Naked Weapon (2002)

She is one of the stars of Mission: Impossible: III, and one of the biggest stars in Hong Kong, although she is actually an American named Maggie Quigley! (I guess it is obvious, but for the record, her mother is Asian.)

Merit Thoresen in Naked Weapon (2002)


Anya-Wu in Naked Weapon (2002)


Connie Nielsen in The Ice Harvest (2005)


Lara Phillips in The Ice Harvest (2005)


Meghan-Maureen McDonough in The Ice Harvest (2005)






Today we have Jennifer Aniston in "Derailed." No nudity from Jennifer as usual, but she does give us some sexy leg shots and lingerie scenes as she is somewhat of a "Damsel in Distress".



Sophia Shinas in an episode of Outer Limits

Tina Holmes in an episode of Six Feet Under