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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.





Katja Weitzenboeck clip (caps below)


Ruth Reiser clip (caps below)

Maria Seweryn clip (caps below)





Film Clips

Gesine Cukrowski in Zwischen heute und morgen (2009; samples below).

The Dutchess is a Keira Knightley period piece from 2008. This 1080p footage and the caps beneath are from the unrated Blu-Ray.

Interplanetary is a grade-Z sci-film from 2008. I never heard of it, but the upside of that is that the material will be new to most of you.

Amanda Myers film clip; sample below

Jacquese Evans film clip. Sample below.

Zita Gorog in Den of Lions (2003). What a body! We saw a lot of this Hungarian model in the early noughties, but she's been having babies, and I haven't seen her since about 2006.  Those are just DVD clips, but the quality is first-rate.

I think you are all familiar with Melanie Griffith in Something Wild from 1986, when she was insanely hot. Here's a very nice quality 720p clip of Mel made from the Blu-Ray. Samples below.


Here's the beginning of Thirsty Rabbit's coverage of Quiet Days in Clichy, an obscure 1970 Danish film based on Henry Miller's eponymous novel about Paris between the wars, a work which gave us the immortal line "It was a period when cunt was in the air." (That link goes to Google Books). The rest of the clips and collages will be in tomorrow's edition.

Elsebeth Reingaard and Lisbet Lundquist and others

Susanne Krage and Anne Kehler (massive download: 389 meg)



Model Natasha Poly in Muse Magazine

The royal-in-law Pippy Longstocking topless. News of the World ran these pics, and was apparently coerced into removing them from their website, as was Egotastic.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is not really working to maintain her figure these days.

Lauren Schneider in Red White and Blue

Amanda Fuller in Red White and Blue


Amanda Fuller from the Red White and Blue special features