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Maisie Undercover: Old Flames


Old Flames is the third in the Maisie Undercover series. This time, an old customer enlists her help in finding his missing girlfriend, a call girl who had been looking to get out of the business. Her boyfriend suspects kidnapping. Masie, as usual, gets her FBI boyfriend and cop ex-husband involved. The prime suspect is, of course, the call girl's pimp, who is not a nice person.

While not as strong as Coed Desires, this film also had plot to support the sex scenes, and is decent couples erotica.

Arianna Jollee, Charlie White, Jamie Huxley and Sarah Blake show everything. Charlie White does a very hot masturbation scene.

 Old Flames (2006)


Arianna Jollee


Charlie White


Jamie Huxley


Sarah Blake










The Door in the Floor


Kim Basinger

(film clips)









The Time Machine goes back to the seventies for this one, which stars the late Lynne Frederick (former wife of Peter Sellers and TV interviewer David Frost.) Breasts and almost a flash of bush. Caps and three clips.


Wendy Gilmore also gives up breasts and butt. Caps and 4 clips.

(Watch out for the last clip, it's very bloody).








Notes and collages


Jana Defi is a model whose curvy figure impresses me.

The JLH collages are from a 2006 "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." the source is HDTV. Sweet.

Justine Bateman will be adorable forever as "Mallory" from "Family Ties;" somehow her cute little breasts became cleavage: did she have a baby at some point? (Please don't tell me that she boosted those charmers ala doctor boob job.)

Arrested Development

Out of Order








I will be submitting several clips from a 90's Italian show called Tutti Frutti. Barest of plots, in the most literal sense of that adjective. Gal comes out, gal wiggles around, gal strips down to her panties and wiggles around some more. What a concept! You would think with all the thievery committed by Hollywood in ripping off European shows someone would have thought to steal this one, too.  But no. Anyway, you will recognize a couple of women in these clips - Tracy Dali at the beginning of an episode, two clips of Sandra Wild and two of a  European nude model and sometime actress, Petra Vieten.

Today's clip: Tracy Dali














Heidi Klum, not looking as spectacular as in the past

Film Clips

C2000 did several clips and captures from an Israeli film called Ha Sodot. The following is his description:

"Noemi (Ania Bukstein) is a devout ultra orthodox Jew who travels to a Midrasha - where orthodox Jewish girls study Torah between high school and marriage - following the death of her mother and before her impending marriage to her father's best rabbinical student. Michel (Michal Shtamler) is a free spirit sent to the Midrasha by her wealthy family in the hope she will become more devout. The girls from very different backgrounds are room-mates and soon become best friends. They encounter an elderly Frenchwoman seeking redemption for her sins. As they study Kabalistic texts to help cleanse the Frenchwoman the girls make personal discoveries - Noemi wants to explore beyond the rigid boundries to which she has adhered all her life, Michel finds a new respect for tradition. The movie is in Hebrew and French. The best part of the movie is the cleansing ritual which features extensive full frontal from Ania and Michal."

Film clips here. Collages below.

Bonus: Ania Bukstein in Matana Mi Shamayim

Alex Kingston in Crocodile Shoes (1993). I have never seen this clip before. Alex looks smashing!

Another of my favorites, Maribel Verdu, also looking smashing and curvy in Goya in Bordeaux (1999)

Here's more of Penelope Cruz in Elegy (2008). This are not actually from the film, but from a German TV report, which also shows some nudity from other Penelope roles. Gotta love those Germans! They know how to do TV. And, of course, tanks.

Two from Alien Abduction: (2005) Angela Landis and Megan Lee Etheridge

Isabelle Huppert in La Femme de mon pote (1983)

Jane Birkin in Je T'aime Moi Non Plus (1976). Very hot stuff directed by her then-husband Serge Gainsbourg. (Charlotte Gainsbourg is their daughter.)

Maria Conchita Alonso in Women: Stories of Passion, episode La Limpia (1997). I apologize for the quality of this clip. With a weird A/R, it's not up to our usual minimum standard, but represents a new clip for us, so ...