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"Ray Donovan"

Season Two, 1920x1080

episode four

Paula Malcolmson

Vinessa Shaw

Palmeras en la Nieve


Comments by Johnny Moronic

Palmeras En La Nieve (Palm Trees In The Snow) is a drama where Killan (Mario Casas), a young Spanish man, goes to the island of Fernando Poo (an island off the West African coast that is a part of Equatorial Guinea) where his father and brother is work with them. It is a time of heavy political upheaval with the last remnants of Spanish rule playing out on the island during Killan's time there. In 2003, Killan's daughter Clarence (Adriana Ugarte), is doing her PhD and after her father dies, she decides to look into her father's time on the island. She knows that he left the island in the 70s and gets the help of local guide Iniko (Djedje Apali), who she falls in love with, although this proves dangerous as things are very different. When Iniko discovers that Clarence has a photograph of a group of people on the island, to his surprise, he recognises that one of the people in the picture is his mother. Iniko takes Clarence to his mother and she recalls that as a nurse back in the 70s, Bisila (Berta Vázquez) had a relationship with Killan that lasted many years and they even had a son together who is Iniko's brother (Phew! Because if it was Iniko...).

Interesting and sweeping tale which even at 165 minutes is never boring despite being a familiar tale of political intrigue and a love that can never be. Casas looks like he's going to be next big Spanish star and is great here and newcomer Vázquez is gorgeous and plays a convincing lover for Killan. Worth a look if you are into epic tales of love.

Adriana Ugarte 1080hd film clip (collages below)

Berta Vazquez 1080hd film clips (collages below)

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