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Booty Call


Vivica A Fox

Long Weekend


Long Weekend is a 1978 man versus nature two hander horror thriller about squabbling couple Peter and Marcia (John Hargreaves and Briony Behets) who go on a camping weekend with their trusty dog Cricket, much to the disappointment of Marcia who would rather be in a comfy motel room. You see Marcia recently had a miscarriage and is finding it hard to be close to Peter. Right from the start it is clear that the environment is not what it seems and both Peter and Marcia treat it with disdain with Peter shooting or running over anything animal while Marcia takes it out on the insects. Then, the environment takes out it's revenge and good luck escaping. Well ahead of it's time, particularly with environmental issues being it's core theme, Long Weekend is a solid, well-written thriller but boy is it heavy-handed. Geez, even Greenpeace isn't this overbearing, but it doesn't take a whole lot away from the generally creepy atmosphere the film works in. Long Weekend has recently been remade almost shot for shot only a couple of years back, which I capped back in August 2009 and is also pretty good, but I prefer the original if only for it features one of my favourite cinema victims Briony Behets in probably her best victim role. Recently just saw her fall down some stairs while pregnant in an early episode of Number 96, so the hits keep on coming for poor Briony.

 Briony Behets film clips


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