TV Round-Up

Game of Thrones featured Roxanne McKee in a five minute tub scene in episode 4. It is a bit too subtle for my taste, but she was topless, and the ol' breasts did make an occasional appearance.  See below.

The Borgias featured some subtle female nudity from an unlikely source in episode 7 - Emmanuelle Chriqui, who exposed her butt behind a sheer curtain, and kinda sorta exposed her breasts in various down-blouses and see-throughs. This would be a throw-away for Kate Winslet, but it's practically porn by Chriqui's standards. (see below)

The French nude-fest Xanadu is covered below, in Defoe's section.

The Aussie series Blood Brothers is in Johnny Moronic's area.


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.





Asia Argento clip (caps below)

Laura Johnson clip (caps below)



Blood Brothers

(2011 TV Movie)


Cariba Heine film clip




"Set in Paris, Rebecca Zlotowski's sensitive Dear Prudence (2010; aka Belle Epine) is an impressionistic story of a sad and lonely adolescent who begins to lose her bearings as a result of her inability to grieve her mother's loss." The star is Lea Seydoux, whom you probably saw in Inglourious Basterds. You can see even more of Lea down in the "PICS" section at the bottom of this page, where there are images of her in The Beautiful Person.


Lea is joined by Anais Demoustier

Lea is joined by Anna Sigalevitch

Lea is joined by Agathe Schlencker

Agathe Schlencker solos


The big story is Xanadu, of course:


Vanessa Demouy and Mathilde Bisson

Mathilde Bisson

Mathilde Bisson and Deborah Revy

Nathalie Blanc

Odile Vuillemin

Penelope Leveque


Hot off the presees:

Marion Amiaud in Le Lien (2011)

Valentine Catzeflis in Simple (2011)

Jeanne Bournaud in a 2010 episode of "Avocats et Associes"



Marie-Christine Adam in Jeannot la Frime (1978)



Film Clips

Autumn Reeser in The Big Bang one more time, this time in 1080p. Monstrous download. (373m)

The 1080p version of The Big Bang also revealed that Sienna Guillory failed to cover her right nipple in her modest strip scene. (Below left.) We already knew that she appeared in a thong. (Below right.)

Maricel Alvarez in Biutiful (2010) in 720p. See below.

Beate Bille in Det sublime (1999; see below)

Paula Soldevia and Blanca Portillo in Entre rojas (1995). BONUS: Penelope Cruz takes a shower in the Paula Soldevia clip, but nothing is exposed.

Jennifer Tilly topless double bill: Fast Sofa (2001) and Shadow of the Wolf in HD (1992)

Tina Marie Clifford, also from Fast Sofa



More of Lea Seydoux, this time in The Beautiful Person  (2008)