The French Cinema Nudity site is updated. Although I rarely feature one of Charlie's collages on this page because of the duplication angle, I'll make an exception now and then for one of my personal favorites, in this case the latest French Lolita, Clemence Poesy, who looks like what Kirsten Dunst would look like if she cared about her looks!



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Maisie Undercover: Coed Desires


Coed Desires (2006) is the second of three softcore "Maisie" films. Maisie is an ex-cop. She is no longer with the force due to some shooting incident which resulted in the death of her female partner. She now owns and operates a bar which is sort of a college hangout. One of her waitresses had sex in the common room of a dorm, was photographed, and is now being blackmailed. Maisie can't resist getting involved, much to the dismay of both her cop ex-husband and her new boyfriend, an FBI agent. She solves the blackmail mystery in short order, but uncovers something much bigger in the process, and, of course, won't leave it alone.

You may have noticed that that plot description is longer than most I write for soft core efforts. The answer is simple. This one actually had a plot. Further, the characters are all three- dimensional.  Despite a full plot, the film doesn't skimp on the nudity or simulated sex, and the women have real breasts, which is always a plus. As is often the case in "couples erotica," the sex scenes are more from the women's point of view, and the women are all strong characters.

There is full-frontal nudity from from Christine Nguyen, Staci Thorn, Kirstin Price, Michelle Maylene and Charlie White.

Recommended as couples soft-core erotica.

Click on the image below for more info. This DVD has English Audio (Dolby Digital 2.0) and will play in all North American DVD players (Region 1 NTSC). Its actually coded both Region 1 and Region 4 so customers in North America, Australia, and New Zealand can all play this on their standard players. The cover shows both the English and Spanish version of the Title.

 The Stepfather (1987)


Christine Nguyen 21

Staci Thorn 26

Kirstin Price 22

Michelle Maylene 41

Charlie White 22


Gross Misconduct


Jimmy Smits plays a philosophy professor at a distinguished Australian university. He is happily married with two kids, and is the darling of the student body. The only downside of his existence is that many of the coeds have crushes on him. Naomi Watts is one of them. She is also his best student, and babysits for his two kids all the time. When she starts trying to seduce him, he calls her to his office to explain why she needs to leave his class and won't be able to babysit. She throws a fit, he subdues her, and then she seduces him. Later, she is taken to a hospital a little beat up, likely raped, but with no memory of what happened. Determined police work and the prodding of her father finally convince her that the professor raped her, and charges are brought. The case is complicated by two other sexual encounters detailed in her diary.

While the film does turn into a courtroom procedural, enough is going on that it never becomes static and boring. The characters are well developed and well acted. This is a watchable as a drama and, since the ending was a total surprise to me, better than watchable as a mystery.

Region 4, PAL. Click on the image below for additional info.

The Stepfather (1987)

Naomi Watts shows breasts in three scenes, and her character shows full frontal behind a gauze shower curtain.









The Door in the Floor


Mimi Rogers

(film clips)

Continued tomorrow with Kim Basinger







A little "Hankster Grab Bag" for today.


There's a Girl in My Soup


First the delicious backside of Goldie Hawn.




The Lost


Robin Sydney, with her boobs exposed in outtakes from The Lost.



The Vengeance of the Winged Serpent


One last look at Maruschka Detmers, not as explicit this time, but still nice.









Notes and collages



Rose McGowan







Hannah Takes the Stairs


This drama is considered "mumble core." Mumble core, for those that don't know (and I sure as hell didn't), is a low budget amateur or independent movie that, because of bad or no production values, has poor sound, or actors that don't bother to enunciate their words, or, as is the case in this film, both. It's now considered an amateur/independent film movement.

Hannah (Greta Gerwig) is a college grad intern at a Chicago production company. After a mutual breakup with her boyfriend, she develops crushes on two writers at work, who also happen to be close friends with one another.

Basically, the film asks and answers the question of what will happen if she has a relationship with one or the other, or even both?

The film was shot digitally without a script, and it feels like it. It almost seems like they just stuck cameras in every room and lived their lives. I say almost because the photography was shaky and zoomy, something that wouldn't have happened if the guy running the camera had bought a $50.00 tripod and kept his cotton-pickin' hands off the zoom button. This isn't a terrible movie. Parts of it are interesting and amusing although it tends to drag, but basically, what they wound up with was a mundane and somewhat boring look at the mundane lives of mundane people. It feels real enough, and it's harmless, but at the end, you'll wonder: why bother?

Greta Gerwig







Two collages of a gal named Aubrey O'Day who sings in a group called Danity Kane - and that is the sum total of what I know about her - other than what you can see for yourself.










Big-busted Polish actress Kashia Figura in Dead Man's Bounty

Here's Kashia in Ajlawju. This frame is better than the one in the Encyclopedia.

Keeley Hazell topless? Who could have dreamed?

Well, sure it's a commonplace sight, but it's still a good one.


Film Clips

Two women from Fatal Passion: Lisa Comshaw and Cynthia Rothrock. You can probably guess that there is for more nudity from Comshaw.

Two women from My Mom's New Boyfriend. The good news: this is a big budget film with major stars and it hasn't even been released yet. That good news would be really good, except for the bad news: no nudity. Meg Ryan and Selma Blair. The samples below will help you decide if it is worth your time.

Ryan Blair

Two women from Red-Blooded American Girl, Lydie Denier and Heather Thomas. You can probably guess that there is for more nudity from Denier, but the good news is that there actually is a tiny bit from Thomas, one of the rare occasions when she revealed any of her superlative figure.