I looked at three Region 2 DVDs today from the UK, hoping for uncut versions. I got screwed. All three were cut.

Cat Chaser is even labeled "complete and uncut," on the DVD box, but Kelly McGillis's famous spread-legged shot is not there! There is some good news. (1) The image quality is markedly better than the Region 1 DVD (2) Although not "uncut," it is "less cut" than the Region 1 DVD, so we got one new image (collage 1).

Kelly McGillis looked better in this film than she has ever looked at any other time.

Review here.

Red Heat and Chained Heat are boxed together. (Both are "Linda Blair in Prison" movies.)

Red Heat is a poor movie which is redeemed only by two scenes: (1) the sex scene between Linda Blair and Sylvia Kristel and (2) the shower scene. Unfortunately, the sex scene is missing! The film itself is too lame to be taken seriously, and too tame to be a good exploitation film. It does generate some unintentional laughs from the legendary Euro-bimbo Sylvia Kristel, who was cast as the "tough broad," with hilarious results. She looked about as tough as Florence Henderson on The Brady Bunch. I don't know if Kristyel is wearing a crotch patch in that shower scene. It seems so. Either way, she was way out of shape below the belt (last collage)

The good news: these are much better images than any we previously had from this film.

Here is a film clip of the shower scene. (Zipped .wmv)

The last Linda Blair image below is not my idea of a collage. It was a dreaded triple-dissolve, and that is an actual screen cap of the dark sex scene between Blair and her boyfriend.

Linda Blair
Sylvia Kristel

Chained Heat is actually an excellent WIP exploitation movie. It's totally goofy and over-the-top, and was never meant to be taken seriously. It has Dean Wormer as the sex-crazed evil warden, tons of nudity, catfights, shower scenes, and Sybill Danning. This DVD came very close to perfection, because the image quality is excellent and it is a widescreen anamorphic transfer. Only two problems: (1) with as much nudity as they left in, they cut the scene where Dean Wormer rapes Linda Blair! (2) Because it is widescreen, and the previous VHS versions were full-screen, there are some sections where nudity is lost at the bottom of the screen, including (sigh) Linda Blair getting soaped up by Sybill Danning in the shower. Linda was a couple of years younger here than in Red Heat, and looked much fitter and trimmer.

Monique Gabrielle
Sharon Hughes
Sybil Danning
Marcia Karr and Edy Williams
Linda Blair



Linda Blair Bonus

The Skinster captured her in two of her more obscure roles:

Linda Blair in Bedroom Eyes 2
Linda Blair in Fatal Bond



The Civil War (1990 TV)

My final item has nothing to do with celebrity nudity. For no very good reason other than it is the greatest work of art produced by mankind since Michelangelo died, I scribbled a few words about The Civil War, the famous documentary by Ken Burns. I ended up skipping a night of sleep to watch it all the way through!

Other Crap:

"Pamela Anderson could kill someone on a cold day"
  • Yeah, the plastiboobs look good, but her face is starting to look too much like Dick Cheney's

First-ever Television Appearance by "Weird Al" Yankovic

DNA evidence shows n connection to Duke lacrosse players in the rape charge, so prosecutor charges them with "Having an open container of beer in the passenger seat of a car"

  • My God. What are today's youth coming to?
  • Man, North Carolina sure has turned into a pussy state in the last few decades. Why not just change the name of the state to "South Massachusetts"? Why is it even a crime for my passenger to drink a beer if I am driving?

Britain's Post-UFO Report: the myths that won't die ...

Unusual MI3 Ticket Sales at Hollywood ArcLight Near Scientology Celeb Center

Jennifer Aniston To Buy Mr T's Mansion

  • ... although he pities the fool who pays full asking price

"Jessica Simpson showed up to the NCLR ALMA awards with curly red hair and the weirdest looking breasts I've ever seen."

Genius scientists prove that lesbians like chicks!

Opus versus Opie

A script review of Oceans 13!

Check out these shots of David Blaine's hands after living in his fishbowl for nearly a week.

Ya gotta love naughty European commercials

Headline of the day: Doctors Save Keith Richards' Brain

Berlin brothel offers special deal for virgins Buy 1, get 1 free?

Penis artist's work shocks father

A new clip from X-Men 3! (Hang on through the Brazilian Portuguese.)


  • Calls Forty Similar Passages "An Honest Mistake"

Blaine Fails to Set Underwater Record

  • "Stunt artist David Blaine was pulled from an aquarium by divers Monday nearly two minutes short of his goal of setting a world record for holding his breath underwater"

Cheerleader guy says: "David Blaine is in bad shape as he gets ready for tonight's stunt. This guy is making a good living doing this kind of thing. God Bless America. I will be watching Nick at Night."

Headline of the day: "Lindsay Lohan Wants More Tits and Ass"

  • Who was it who said about her: "The girl smokes more meat than a Texas BBQ pit."

"Dianetics - Scientology Propaganda Video"

A good way to start off on Monday. A funny video of the evolution of dance. Try NOT to watch all six minutes.

  • Reminds me of Denis Leary's line about Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance. "The last time somebody showed up calling himself a lord, we crucified him. And we still know where the nails are."

Etiquette Tips for Game Show Contestants

URL says it all: PimpMySnack.com

Psst ... don't tell President Bush about this. It sounds worse than human/animal hybrids.The first self-replicating robots

Twart - a portmanteau of twat and art ...


Brooke Shields' post-partum depression disappears as Cruise movie fizzles"

  • “You know I just had my second child, and I was again battling post-partum depression,” said Shields. “But when I saw the M:I3 box office reports I suddenly started feeling better. As a matter of fact, I haven’t felt this good in years.”

STEPHEN COLBERT BEING HELD AT GUANTANAMO BAY ... host beginning to regret scathing speech


Saturn's moon, Titan, as seen from five miles above its surface.

  • The larger version is actually too large to be useful

ABC now has Sunday's episode of Desperate Housewives online in its entirety.



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Sex and Fury (1973)

Sex & Fury (1973), or Furyō anego den: Inoshika Ochō, is another Pinky Violence offering from Panic House, and is of the same superb quality as all of their other releases. This is more of a "girl Yakuza" than "girl gang" film, and stars Reiko Ike, whom we have seen before, but never looking better. At the start of the film, we learn that she is an accomplished pickpocket and gambler. She receives the dying wish of another gambler, to take his bank account and redeem his sister, who is to be sold into prostitution. She resolves to accomplish the mission.

Then we learn that Ike also has her own mission in life, to revenge the three people who murdered her detective father. Each has a tattoo that matches a Japanese gambling card design. Unfortunately, because of advantages gained when they killed her father, they are in charge of the Japanese ruling party. Another major player, Christina Lindberg, is a foreign spy who has taken the job because she is in love with a Japanese dissident. The dissident, it turns out, is after the same people as Ike. Ike locates the sister (Rie Saotome) and gambles with Lindberg for her freedom, but Saotome's virginity is taken by one of the bad guys, whose thing is virgins, before she is turned loose.

Ike does in the first of her targets by covering her body with poison, and having him lick it off.  The other two deaths are harder for Ike to come by. In the process, she is chained, beaten, then tied up and hung from the ceiling. My favorite scene starts with Ike in a hot tub. She is attacked, and springs out of the tub, completely naked, and dispatches dozens of armed men with a sword, first in the building, then outside in the snow. Her other fight scenes are equally impressive.

There is very good news in the nudity department. it seems like Reio Ike is naked most of the film, and shows breasts, buns, and even a hint of bush. Christine Lindberg also gives a 3b performance. Jun Midorikawa shows breasts and buns in a three way which includes Lindberg. Both Rie Saotome and Yonk Mihara show breasts.

The DVD package is very attractive, and includes commentary, good optional subtitles, a pristine transfer, cast and crew bios, a trailer, and an essay on Japanese exploitation. Again, this film was made at a major studio (Toei), and reflects that in all technical aspects.

IMDb readers say 7.1, demonstrating a high level of acceptance among genre fans. The genre is Japanese exploitation, and this is an excellent one, well packaged.

Obvious C+

Reiko Ike

Christine Lindberg

Jun Midorikawa

Rie Saotome

Yoko Mihara








Today wraps up the Hankster Hillbilly tour as we visit "Sweet Georgia".  Barbara Caron aka Barbara Mills does some naked horseback riding and then has a little sex with a ranch hand.

Barbara and Marsha Jordan have some naked lezzie loving.

Marsha Jordan does a ranch hand, but keep an eye out for the horse with a hard on. Guess he's mad cause he didn't get any, because he tramples her to death.

If you hear a sonic boom today, don't be alarmed. It's just the old Time Machine returning home.





Aglaia Szyszkowitz in Feine Dame
Dana Vavrova in Der Nachbar
Jennifer Ulrich in Zwei zum Fressen gern
Carola Ferstl in Berlin Mitte
Sophie von Kessel in Ein langer Abscheid





Dann reports on Death 4 Told:

Four horror short stories, whose common bond is they all end in death, make up this 2004 collection.

  • The first story deals with a writer and his wife who move into a haunted house.

  • Next comes a story of three college couples on a camping trip where tall tales suddenly become reality.

  • In the third, a TV crew prepares to tape their hit show, "World's Most Haunted Places". Unfortunately, this time they picked a place that really WAS haunted.

  • The final story, titled "The Psychic" (shown in the collage), stars Margot Kidder as a phony Tarot card reader whose predictions suddenly start coming true, to her dismay.

Interesting and well done stories, although they appear to have been shot on a tight budget. The DVD transfer is horrible, but the stories aren't.

Beverly Swaile




Carroll Baker in Paranoia

Liv Ullman in Ung Flukt



Pat's comments in yellow...

A four-year secret study of UFOs written in 2000 by Britain's Defense Ministry has been declassified.  It declares that UFOs do exist, but they're not alien spacecraft.  They say most are atmospheric phenomena: glowing "plasmas" of gas created by electrical charges that appear to move at great speed and change course when air flows around them.  But there's no evidence that these lights are solid or hostile or under any type of control. 

*  Of course, that's what the aliens told them to say.

The Sea Mammal Research Unit at Scotland's St. Andrews University has discovered that dolphins recognize each other by name.  Over 30 years of research, they found that a young dolphin begins using a distinctive whistle that seems to function as its name, allowing other dolphins to recognize that specific dolphin by the sound.  They said it shows that dolphins have great intelligence and complex social structures.  For instance, they responded strongly to the whistles of dolphins that were their relatives or associates, but generally ignored those of dolphins to whom they had no connection.

*  If they were as smart as humans, they'd learn to ignore their relatives. 

Sunday, President Bush was asked to name the best moment of his
presidency, and he joked that it was "when I caught a 7-1/2 pound largemouth bass on my lake"

* Oops, turns out he wasn't joking

* Finally, something Bush and the Democrats agree on.

Three teenagers in the Arab town of Qalansawe, Israel, were arrested after police found 150,000 detonators in the house of one of them.  They claimed the detonators were meant for their personal use

* Teenagers!  They're just bursting with ideas!