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"Ray Donovan"

Season Two, 1920x1080

episode three

Tori Black


"Anger Management"

Anger Management is a TV series based on the life of an anger therapist, played by Charlie Sheen. It certainly wasn’t the worst sitcom and I usually managed to get a few laughs out of it. But the highlight for me was Noureen DeWulf, with most episodes showing lots of leg and cleavage. The show lasted for only two seasons but the second season had 90 episodes! All up, 100 episodes were made. These episodes are from the second season and were made in 2013.

Episode 31 Charlie Kills His Ex's Sex Life

Noureen DeWulf

Shawnee Smith

Episode 32 Charlie and the Prison Riot

Noureen DeWulf

Selma Blair

Episode 33 Charlie and Kate Do It for Money

Carly Hollas

Noureen DeWulf

Episode 34 Charlie and the Sting

Noureen DeWulf

Episode 35 Charlie Gets the Party Started

Candace Bailey

Noureen DeWulf

Valentina Ivancenco

Many women not identified

Episode 36 Charlie and the Grad Student

Brea Grant

Noureen DeWulf

Episode 37 Charlie's New Sex Study Partner

Laura Bell Bundy

Nadia Bjorlin

Noureen DeWulf

One not identified

Episode 38 Charlie and the Sex Addict

Gina La Piana

Noureen DeWulf

Episode 39 Charlie and the Hooker

Anna Hutchison

Noureen DeWulf

Episode 40 Charlie and the Devil

Daniela Bobadilla

Noureen DeWulf

Shawnee Smith

Tiara Lanai and Rebecca Montoya

La Novia


Comments by Johnny Moronic

La Novia (The Bride) is a melodrama where The Bride (Inma Cuesta) is marrying her long time friend The Bridegroom (Asier Etxeandia). Everything seems fine, but there's something nagging at The Bride that manifests itself in an old woman who warns her of things to come. It seems that The Bride and Bridegroom also had another friend Leonardo (Álex García) who are linked by a tragic event and that nagging feeling that The Bride wants to be with Leonardo and he wants her despite being married (Leticia Dolera) with a young child. During the wedding and into the reception, the tension grows with The Bride's feelings for Leonardo growing more and more despite marrying The Bridegroom. The Bridegroom's mother is wary of this and tries desperately to make sure it doesn't happen. Then, they can't take it any more and escape to give in to one another, but The Bridegroom is having none of that and will take back what's his.

Wow, this is a proper melodrama, extremely dramatic and full of quiet and very loud desperation, to the point where it actually gets quite full on in the end. I obviously don't watch a lot of melodramas as this movie took me by surprise by how intense and devastating it becomes. Yeah, it's all over-the-top, but it works very well and Cuesta is excellent in the lead. Definitely worth a look if you are into these types of movies.

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Ylenia Baglietto film clip (sample below)

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Jessica Sonneborn and Julianne Tura in The Haunting of Alice D (2016) in 720p



Sara de Bosschere, Helene de Vos and Charlotte Vandermeesch in Belgica (2016) in 720p

de Bosschere

de Vos


Whitney Able and Alexandra Breckenridge in Dark (2015) in 1080hd

Whitney Able in Dark again, this time without Breckenridge

Michele Hicks and Sarah Shahi in Guns for Hire (2015) in 1080hd


Christina Ricci after breast reduction surgery

Emmanuelle Chriqui

Chriqui, de-filtered