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Scoop's note:

I decided that the resumption of The L Word can wait so that we can switch over to two of my favorite nude roles: first Valerie Kaprisky in La femme publique and then Kate Beckinsale in Uncovered!

La Femme Publique


1080hd. Part 4 of 4

The last seven clips of Valerie Kaprisky (samples below)


Il Sole Buio


Jo Champa


Continuing the homage to Sid James, who died of a heart attack in 1976,

Finishing off the Carry On series of films today. We're finally seeing substantial nudity in the late 70s, but almost none in a disappointing and unsuccessful 1992 reboot.

Carry on England

Lots of boobs on show by Tricia Newby,

Louise Burton

Barbara Hampshire, Linda Regan, and Jeannie Collings in Carry on England (1976).

Diane Langton

and Judy Geeson get down to their underwear.

That's Carry On

That's Carry On (1977) is a compilation programme of all the previous Carry On films. Barbara Windsor shows some pokies as one of the presenters.

Carry on Emmannuelle

Carry on Emmannuelle (1978) has Suzanne Danielle naked

and Tricia Newby flashes her bristols.

Claire Davenport is down to her ample underwear

and Louise Burton shows some cleavage.

Carry on Columbus

Carry on Columbus (1992) was not made by the original Carry On team, and it shows.

Sara Stockbridge (or a body double) bares her bum,

and Sara Crowe looks sexy in her harem outfit.



Sometimes they make movies in Spain in English. Today, I start with some Brian Yuzna movies from his Spanish period. Got three movies today, the best of the lot being Dagon from 2001, based on a H.P Lovecraft story. It's about a man who arrives at a port after his yacht sinks and desperately tries to find his girlfriend (Raquel MeroƱo) but finds out that the town is a bunch of half-human, half-sea creatures that would do anything for their underwater God, Dagon. A little shaky, but a not bad movie.

Raquel Merono 1080hd film clip (collages below)

Macarena Gomez 1080hd film clips (samples below)

Beneath Still Waters


Beneath Still Waters is about a town that was engulfed by a dam, trapping a bunch of cannibals who kill a young boy. 40 years later, a teenage friend of Clara (Charlotte Salt) goes missing in the dam and cannot be found. Then other people begin to turn into zombie like creatures when they go near or in the water and only Clara can stop the town either being killed or tuning into their hedonist side. Passable, but is fairly silly at times.

Pilar Soto film clips (sample below)



Rottweiler is about a man who escapes from a work camp and is chased by a sadistic robotic rottweiler who more like a Terminator. Plus the bloke thinks about his girlfriend and it's all very silly and nasty and actually quite laughable at time. Also it was set in 2018 which made it seem like 2118 not three years away.)

Paulina Galvez film clip (sample below)

Film and TV Clips

Three nude scenes from the Dancing on the Edge series:

Jenna Louise Coleman in episode 1

Janet Montgomery in episode 2

Janet Montgomery in episode 4

Vicky McClure in This Is England '86 (2010) in 720p

Agniya Kuznetsova in Gruz 200 (2007)

Stacy Haiduk in Luther the Geek (1990). Awful movie (my review), but great nudity from Stacy. This compilation includes extensive DVD extras. You need the sample image below to see the full extent of what is on the three film clips, which consist of two excerpts from the movie and one long clip from the extras.

A quarter of a century has passed since Luther the Geek - and Stacy is still smokin' hot. She did a full frontal nude scene on True Blood just two years ago (see below).