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s1e6, 1920x1080

Laura Vandervoort

Finishing off the Italian movies this week

... for now ...

The House of Exorcism

The House of Exorcism (1975) is a re-edit of Lisa and the Devil (1973), which I sent in my last FH submission.

This movie includes some original footage, including nudity by Carmen Silva.

In familiar action, Elke Sommer

and Sylva Koscina are seen topless.

TV/Film Clips

Elizabeth Olsen is topless in In Secret (2013), but this clip is disappointing. The quality is poor and the scene was dark to begin with, so the clip is quite unsatisfying. I suppose the scene might be pretty cool in the future, when the film comes to Blu-Ray.


The women of Hotel Exotica (1998) - mediocre quality clips, about between VHS and DVD

Taylor StClair and Ahmo Hight

St Clair


Landon Hall

Nikki Fritz

Leslie Olivan


Greta Scacchi in A Man in Love (1987)


Life-sized photographs of Lady Gaga by Mario Testino