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The one and only season



Tamsin Egerton

Eva Green


Hot Moves

Caps and the accompanying clips cover the 1984 magnum opus, Hot Moves.  The reason for all the attention paid to what was a pathetic piece of celluloid is Deborah Richter.  Saw her first playing a hooker in Hill Street Blues and thought she was a most delectable morsel.  Hot Moves and then Cyborg five years later were the only times she got nekkid for the moving camera.  Such a shame because even though the equipment includes some after-market additions she was a terrific looking woman.  Deborah did a great deal of television work and had she come along 25 years later we might have seen her in Game of Thrones or Boardwalk Empire, stripping down to the essentials week after week.  A case of very bad timing.  Anyway, the movie blows chunks because it is never, ever the least bit funny and it is terminally dumb and sentimental.  Example: having gotten Deborah into bed our feckless hero blows her off to go chase his one true love, the pure and chaste Jill Schoelen.  It was stupid.  Lots of Venice Beach scenes that resemble National Geographic movies, intended to amaze because the natives have such bizarre rituals.  So anyway, in addition to Deborah we have Monique Gabrielle topless and a few other gals you and everyone else never heard of.  There is one thing to notice, however.  In a nude beach scene with a dozen women running nekkid along the beach, there in back is a woman who looks like Brinke Stevens.  Dunno.  Maybe.  She shows up again sunning her bottom as Unknown 1. 
Today: Monique Gabrielle clips (Collages below)


Film/TV Clips

Laura Haddock in Da Vinci's Demons (s1e4), this time in 1080p

Audrie Woodhouse and Mahek Khan in Cape Karma (2007)




Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski

Jessica Alba (probably unwittingly) flashed her boobies in a public park.
I'm guessing she didn't realize her bra was transparent.