TV Round-Up

There's not much going on Saturday night in the English-speaking TV world, but the Europeans are making up for that with Xanadu, which is a series about the adult entertainment industry. It has been presented two episodes at a time on Saturday night in France and Germany on the Arte network. Last week Defoe and DaS covered episodes 1 and 2. Today it is episodes 3 and 4 in 720p film clips from DaS. (Who now posts under various names: Zither, El Amigo, Mystery Man, maybe some others). There is a sample of each scene pictured in the image to the right.


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.



Losing Control


Jennifer Ludlow clips (caps below)

Kira Reed clips (caps below)



Midnite Spares


Midnite Spares is a 1983 action comedy about a wannabe race car driver Steve (James Laurie, upholding the tradition of no-names in the lead of 80s Australian films) who has come back to his father's workshop after he is killed in mysterious circumstances. The place is run by a ragtag bunch, but for the most part they are squeaky clean. It is suspected that a rogue group of car thieves is behind his father's death and Steve wants his revenge, but this group has friends in high places and they aren't going down without a fight. Also, Steve falls for Ruth (Gia Carides), but she has a rather strict family and it's going to take a lot to convince them he's the bloke for her.

As I said above, the lead is a virtual no name, but the cast is full of a merry band of journeymen actors who are more well known. The mood is jovial through and for the most part the film is played for broad laughs. It's a fun film without been all that memorable and came from a period where Australians were flooded with similar car films (Mad Max, Running on Empty etc.). I'm surprised that these type of car films aren't still getting made as Australians are still pretty obsessed with cars.

And man, Gia Carides is so young and cute in this film that the role seems like a relic. She pretty much only plays blowsy women now. and has for over 20 years (see Strictly Ballroom, Bad Company, Primary Colors, Brilliant Lies, East of Everywhere and the now showing Small Time Gangster plus many others). Amanda Dole is one of those curious fixtures in 80s Australian cinema, more notable for her nude spread(s) than her acting, but she's the star of a curious film called Pandemonium thanks to her boyfriend of the time. I've haven't actually seen the film, but everyone that's seen it seems to have no idea what to think about it. And Amanda starts naked in the film... Might have to find a copy somewhere.

Amanda Dole film clips (collages below)

Gia Carides collages:





Sortie 67


It wasn't Patricia Stasiak as the hooker tied to the bed but newcomer Sophie Desmarais.

Sophie Desmarais: partial boob getting raped.

Sophie Desmarais: spreadeagled but wearing bathrobe in rehearsal scene

Decharge (trailer)

(2011? Just a trailer at this point.)

Unlisted Quebec movie which looks promising.

Sophie Desmarais: sexy as hooker.

Isabel Richer: fully clothed sex.



Film Clips

Tina Dickow in Karrusel: Niels og Hanne (1998; see below)

Agnieszka Grochowska in Upperdog (2009; see below)

Irina Rakhmanova in Brother 2 (2000; see below)

Deja Kreutzberg in Sorority Row in 720p (2009; see below)

Jamie Chung in Sorority Row in 720p (2009; see below)

Nicole Moore in Sorority Row in 720p (2009; see below)

Kay Lenz in Moving Violation (1976; see below)

Stefania Sandrelli in Sweeties (1995; see below)

Mimsy Farmer in La Ragazza di Trieste (1982; see below)

Ornella Muti in La Ragazza di Trieste (1982; see below)



Autumn Reeser in The Big Bang (2011) 720p

Rachel Handler in The Big Bang (2011) 720p

Isabelle van Hecke in Code 37 (2011)


I always kid about Kate Hudson, but when was the last time Leelee had a solid part in a memorable movie? She had a promising start, but I don't understand the way she has managed her career. The last ten years have been a write-off.