Walk All Over Me


Ready for a strange concept? How about a remake of Deuce Bigelow with Leelee Sobieski as Deuce. I'm exaggerating, but not that much. Leelee plays a naive screw-up from a small town in Canada who ends up in Vancouver with no money or job. The only person she knows in town is her former baby-sitter, so she turns to her for help. The baby-sitter reluctantly agrees to let Leelee stay in her apartment, but things are complicated because she has graduated from baby-sitting to S&M.

Leelee is desperate for money, so she reviews the prospective new pay-for-pain clients, chooses one, borrows one of her roomie's more exotic get-ups, and heads off to make big money as a dominatrix. Of course, much like Deuce Bigelow, she doesn't really know how to perform this type sexual service, and her considerate, meek manners are totally wrong for the job. It is not long before she is over her head and in a heap o' trouble with some bad dudes. She witnesses her pseudo-client being roughed up by some gangsters who think he stole from them. Leelee runs away during the rough stuff, but for various reasons the thugs think that she may know where the missing money is, A cat-and-mouse thriller ensues in which Leelee, her roommate, a submissive, and the beaten guy square off in various moves and countermoves against the three thugs.

While Deuce Bigelowe earlier movie was essentially a comedy with just a hint of a dark thriller lurking in the background, this film achieves about an even balance between comedy and noir thriller. It's not quite in the erotic thriller category because there is no nudity except part of a male butt, but Leelee looks absolutely fantastic in the S&M outfits. The costumes push up her breasts to make them appear mammoth, and the fabric barely conceals enough to earn the "no nudity" tag. In one scene Leelee is positively spilling out of her top. Her legs look long and elegant as well, so a hint of eroticism adds a little spice to the plot.

It's not an especially ambitious film, and I would not recommend seeking it out, but it's not bad at all. If you chance upon it, the combination of plot involvement, sexual titillation, and amusement should be enough to keep you interested.

This is a joint project. While I watched the film, two other guys were creating collages and film clips, so there was no sense in my duplicating their outstanding efforts. You have my comments above, Rokwatch's excellent collages hot off the presses, and some nice videos by Soulsauce, who was working with a 1024x576 source!




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The Stepfather


As the film opens, we see Terry O'Quinn, who has just sliced and diced his family with the kitchen knives, calmly showering, changing his appearance, and leaving on foot. The story jumps forward a year, when he is remarried to a widow in another town. His new step-daughter, Jill Schoelen, is not impressed with him, which makes his dream of having the perfect family seem remote. Add to the mix the fact that the brother of his last victim is on his tail. It is clear almost from the beginning that Schoelen will send him over the edge, and there is no telling who will survive.

Jill Schoelen is outstanding in her role, and The Stepfather is a nifty thriller in general, deriving all of the suspense from the conflict, and building steadily until the end.

It is rated a solid 6.5 at IMDb and received several minor award nominations with two wins in acting and best picture categories. It spawned a sequel in 1989, and is currently being remade. Lord knows why.

Scoop's note: You may have forgotten since it was so long ago, but in 1989, shortly after this film was lensed, Jill Schoelen was engaged for a few months to a guy you may have heard of - Hollywood super-hunk Brad Pitt! They worked together in a low-budget horror film called Cutting Class. (Hey, Pitt wasn't always a big shot.)

Schoelen later hooked up with a composer, married him, bore two children, and disappeared from acting for about a decade (1996-2004) to raise her kids. She re-emerged briefly with a lead in a 2004 thriller, then disappeared again.


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The Stepfather (1987)


Jill Schoelen shows breasts and buns near the end.

(And Terry O'Quinn shows buns in the opening scenes.)











The Black Book


Carice Van Houten

(film clips)

Halina Reijn

 (film clips)







The Time Machine does a little traveling through the 80s today.


Teen Wolf


First up, no nudity but Lorie Griffin does show a young Michael J. Fox her new bra.



First Name Carmen



Then Maruschka Detmers returns ( I love this girl ). More tits, ass and bush from Maruschka.







Notes and collages

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Alien vs Predator: Requiem


Kristen Hager


Private Benjamin


Goldie Hawn

Act of the Heart


Genevieve Bujold








Marion Cotillard in Mary

Elisha Cuthbert falling partially out of her bikini

Marina Hands in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Agathe Fontaine in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Eva Mendes doing s surprisingly explicit spread in Vogue Italia

Laetitia Casta in the trailer for her new film, NÚs en 68 (poor quality)

A Molly Sims OOPS!

Lisbeth Olsen in that cinema classic The Sinful Dwarf

Amber Smith: then and now.

Now: in three episodes of Sin City Diaries

Then: Amber a decade ago in The Funeral, presumably with real breasts this time.

Amy Winehouse paparazzi shots.

Being assigned to Amy Winehouse has to be the paparazzi equivalent of KP. A tip for you youngsters: If you want to be a paparazzo, be the one who follows Elisha Cuthbert around Hawaii.




Film Clips

Lynne Frederick in two films: Schizo (1976) and A Venezia Muore Un Estate (1972). Lynne is famous for two things. (1) She was married to Peter Sellers when he died in 1980, and inherited almost his entire fortune. She was 22 when they married in 1977, Sellers was 51. (3) After Sellers' death, she gave up acting and eventually boozed herself to death before she turned 40.

Elsa Zylberstein in Farinelli (1994)

Laetitia Casta in The Young Girl and the Wolves (2008)

Barbara Lennie in Obaba (2005)