Demon Knight (1995)

This is the big-screen version of HBO's Tales from the Crypt.  These clips and caps were culled from usenet. The quality is quite good, because they were capped from HDTV. I haven't actually seen the film. Berardinelli saw it and hated it, but critics were split as per Rotten Tomatoes. IMDB scores it a respectable 6.2.

Film clips:

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Brenda Bakke

Tracy Bingham and others

Peggy Trentini

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A sample capture of Kari Wuhrer in Phoenix:


Kari Wuhrer

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MovieJuice! reviews Mission: Impossible III - Missionary Position


The 30 Worst Albums of All Time (MAXIM ONLINE)

  • Of course, the choices can be debated, but there are a lot of laughs here

Melanie Griffith looked pretty good naked, back there in the seventies.

Entertainment Weekly's top 10 cult movies - with a clip from each

How Smokey and the Bandit 3 might have been even worse than it was

  • It was originally shot with Gleason playing both Smokey and Bandit
  • "Gleason, with his delusional and deformed ego running wild envisioned this role as the one that would change his image into one of a sex symbol, and in his mind there was really no difference in physique between himself and the man who previously had the role. With the bottle of Wild Turkey and a chicken leg in hand, he marched over to the warehouse where Burt Reynolds’ old costumes were kept. More than an hour later, he emerged wedged and stuffed into Reynolds’s already too-tight jeans with one of his shirts covering only part of his torso. He had matted, and pushed to the back what was left of his hair. Deranged on whisky, he began to strut around the set like a rooster in heat whose ass had been set on fire."

Brits land a 550 pound shark from a tiny dinghy with a simple fishing pole

From our phony-baloney controversy department: National anthem in other languages? Heard this before

  • In 1919, the government approved versions in Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and other languages.

RapidShare videos:

All in the Family - the entire episode with Sammy Davis Jr.

Tom Hanks does a techno-rap about testicles (SNL spoof) - The Early Report for May 7

Highly unexpected new DaVinci Code trailer

ZARQAWI VOWS WAR OF BLOOPERS ... Urges Followers to Join Jihad of Outtakes Against West

  • Days after the U.S. military taunted al-Qaeda terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi by releasing video outtakes showing him fumbling with a machine gun, an infuriated Zarqawi vowed to launch what he called a “war of bloopers against the West.”

Box Office Mojo News ... 'Mission: Impossible III' Doesn't Thrill in Debut

Weekend Box Office Results, May 5-7, 2006

  • One wants to celebrate. After all, the box office was up more than 20% over the same weekend last year, and that marked the sixth consecutive double-digit increase.
  • And yet ... it didn't really seem like a time to pop the champagne and break out the noisemakers and party hats. It just wasn't as good as everyone had hoped. MI-3 opened below $50 million, when the pundits were calling for it to top $60 million
  • Hoot opened so poorly it barely made the needle budge. It had the worst opening in history for a film in 3000 theaters or more.
  • The brightest spot was - incredibly - RV, the critically-maligned comedy which only dropped 32% of its first weekend audience!

Johnny Knoxville and Steve-o get oranges hurled at them at speeds of over 100mph by professional jai-alai players

A new clip from The Da Vinci Code

Jean and Logan lovemaking clip from X-Men 3!

The trailer and five clips from Keeping Up With the Steins

  • Like the young Indian braves of long ago, Benjamin Fiedler (Daryl Sabara) is about to undergo aninitiation rite that will take him from boy to man. But rather than face the perils of the hunt, he must endure something far worse--a Bar Mitzvah in Brentwood, California.

    It's not enough that Benjamin must stand in front of a Temple full of strangers chanting Hebrew, alanguage he doesn’t understand. He must also cope with the efforts of his parents, Adam (Jeremy Piven) and Joanne (Jami Gertz), to splurge on a party-to-end-all-parties, a mega bash where the Bar is more important than the Mitzvah and a Jewish Star means Neil Diamond.

    Above all, the Fiedlers must surpass the "Titanic"-themed Bar Mitzvah given by Adam's rival agent, Arnie Stein (Larry Miller). With his circus-sized celebration, Arnie has thrown down the gauntlet. For the highly competitive Adam, the war is on!

    But when Adam's father Irwin (Garry Marshall), now a gray-haired hippie, and his spacey youngergirlfriend (Daryl Hannah) arrive in their broken down camper, the Fiedler's plans are thrown into disarray.

    Every family has their own dysfunction and neuroses and the Fiedlers are certainly no exception. Despite this, they ultimately realize that family is the most precious bond that can't be broken (but it can be bent out of shape at times).

N.J. Scraps 2nd Slogan in Less Than Year

  • I hope they return to my suggestion. "Jersey. No slogan. You gotta problem wit dat?"

People go ballistic because Rangers wear "LOS RANGERS" jerseys for Cinco de Mayo

  • And yet nobody cared that I spent the entire day working in my mariachi outfit, and that stupid hat kept knocking my monitor over.

Suns come back from 3-1 deficit, trounce Lakers in Game 7

I knew Bush was pissed ... Stephen Colbert makes FBI's "most wanted" list, alongside bin Laden

"Porter Goss said Saturday that his surprise resignation as CIA director is 'just one of those mysteries,'"

Down Under gives tax breaks down under ... "Prostitutes, strippers and lap dancers can claim tax deductions for adult toys and lingerie, officials said Friday"

Guess which country? President Proposes Referendum to Stay President Until 2031

  • Of course, he's luckier than I am. He lives in a country where he can do that. I actually have the Divine Right of Kings, and can rule forever by God's will, but it's just my luck to live in a country where God's will takes a back seat to the will of the consarned people.

Katie Price, aka "Jordan," in a see-through at a party

Playboy offers The Women Of MySpace

Apple Sics Lawyers on Something Awful

  • Apple is using the old argument that its critics may not show a picture of its faulty manufacturing because the picture itself is its intellectual property! I'm no lawyer, but I don't think this argument holds any water. The Supreme Court held in "Folsom V Marsh" that "reviewer may fairly cite largely from the original work, if his design be really and truly to use the passages for the purposes of fair and reasonable criticism." That was in defense of a man who had literally copied 352 full pages of another work in order to point out its flaws.
  • Yeah, God forbid that Apple should actually apologize and fix the problem instead of suing the guys who found it!
  • Here's the original article in question.

RIAA suit shuts down BearShare

Bird's Eye View of Famous Homes

A quite young Ray Charles sings Georgia on my Mind

The full Japanese trailer for The Omen

Sober celebrations in Austria for 150th birthday of Sigmund Freud

  • They're just going to smoke very large cigars and picture powerful trains plunging into tunnels.


Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


"The Heroin Busters"

The Heroin Busters (1977) or La Vva della droga is an Italian thriller about an Interpol attempt to crack down on heroin trafficking. Fabio Testi is deep under cover. The film starts with a whirlwind tour of Hong Kong, Cartagena, New York and Amsterdam, designed to show the International aspects of the heroin trade, and a little of heroin users. Then the film settles into the story of Teste infiltrating the local organization to find the head of the drug trafficking. When a drug sniffing dog and an over-zealous customs official blows it at the airport, they arrange for Teste to be in jail with a junkie who has connections. Teste gives him a fix, then helps him escape. In return, he is introduced to the lower level pushers, and maneuvers his way to the top. Then, his cover is blown, and the last 30 minutes of the film are an extended chase scene sprinkled with fights and shootouts.

The young junkie has a girlfriend, Sherry Buchanan, who wears a transparent top, and then later does in a full frontal having sex for money with Patrizia Webley. An unknown has major pokies in the opening scene in Cartagena.

IMDb readers say 6.7. Comments praise the the last half of the film, and the score by Dario Argento favorite, Goblin. I personally liked the middle third of the film better, where the story was in doubt. The dubbing is better than average, as the film was lip synched in English. The widescreen print is pristine. It has also bene known as "The Dope Way." This is a C -- a competent, watchable Italian actioner.

Patrizia Webley

Sherry Buchanan



More from the Hankster Hillbilly tour as we wrap up "The Pigkeeper's Daughter" with Gina Paluzzi giving it all up to the traveling cosmetics salesmen as she gives him sex in exchange for the contents of his briefcase.

Yes, once again you can play the "Spot the Tool Game".

Tomorrow we wrap up the Hillbilly tour with a quick visit to "Sweet Georgia". Then we head home with the old Time Machine as it is due for it's one million mile checkup.

Gina Paluzzi

Today from the Ghost...a nice little bit o' variety.

Gina Bellman showing off a nude side view in scenes from the Dolph Lundgren movie, "Silent Trigger" (1996).

Eileen Brennan showing a little bit o' breast before being groped in a scene from "Scarecrow" (1973).

Goldie Hawn showing off her A-cups in "Wildcats".

Swiss born actress Marthe Keller is also topless in a scene from the movie that kept people away from the dentist during the late 70's, "Marathon Man" (1976).

Long time working TV actress Melissa Leo shows off her breasts in scenes from the 1985 movie "Streetwalkin'"

You have probably seen (but can't remember) Nectar Rose from bit parts in films like "Independence Day", "# L.A. Confidential", "Not Another Teen Movie" and "Serenity" to name a few. Here she is showing off some very nice toplessness in a scene from "The Hazing" (2004).

Last up from the Ghost, here is Holly Towne topless in scenes from the 'Comedy/Horror' flick "Shredder" (2003)

The latest batch from LC features 5 women all showing some skin in scenes from the French movie "Les Poupées russes" (2005).

This movie made it's Euro-debut last year, and finally lands on our shores this month in very limited release.

Isabelle Joly Aïssa Maïga Irene Montalà Kelly Reilly Anne Steffens

From DeadLamb, Nikki Cox and Vanessa Marcil are up to their usual tricks on "Las Vegas". Cox showed off a bunch of cleavage in last Friday's episdoe, while Marcil ran around barely dressed and showing serious pokies.

Nikki Cox

Vanessa Marcil

From the Skinster, here is Aussie babe and "Lord of the Rings" co-star Miranda Otto going topless in scenes from "Kin".