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Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

Hey, Scoop ...

Hey Scoop, contrary to the rumor you posted regarding Julia possibly getting naked in "Full Frontal," Entertainment Weekly stated in its summer movie preview issue that we won't be seeing all of Ms. Roberts in this film. Catherine Keener, though, does get naked, for what it's worth.

Scoop says: Yeah, I kinda figured it was something like that. We can all hope EW is wrong, but I'm afraid they are probably right. I just don't see the percentage for Julia in getting naked at this stage in her career. She wields as much power as any performer in Hollywood, and can do pretty much what she wants to do.

Hey Scoop, also saw Ione Skye in Mascara. What yesterday's caps don't show is that in both her nude scenes you get flashes of full frontal as Ione is rolling around. Let's just say the carpet is as dark as the top.

Scoop says: The movie showed on The Movie Channel Xtra, and shows again at 2:00 AM (ET) on Thursday May 23. Hint, Hint.


There are new Encyclopedia volumes for Amber Smith, Helen Slater, and Ione Skye.



Oh, yeah, I almost forgot one tiny little detail. New pics of nicole Kidman's incredibly shapely naked behind.

Thanks to the legendary "Sing" for the .mpg from which these caps were made. Sing used to be da man when it came to advance looks at movie nude scenes. We don't hear much from him lately, but when we do, it's something most excellent and tubular.


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"Century Hotel"

Century Hotel (2001) marks the feature length film debut of Canadian director David Weaver, who certainly showed no fear in tackling this project. The entire film takes place in room 720 of a Toronto hotel, and cuts nearly randomly among 7 different stories chronicling each era from the early 20's to the turn of the century. Each story has a very different visual style, which helps the viewer orient himself to the different stories. Indeed, had they not done that, the film would be impossible to follow. Briefly, the first and last story both star Lindy Booth. In the first, she is a flapper who is the reluctant bride of a rather unappealing businessman, and in the last segment, she is a Goth type, intending to celebrate the millennium by ending it all.

Story 2 has a Chinese mail order bride arriving to marry a crime boss in the depression. Next, we have a WWII soldier returning home to his best friend and his fiancée. Then a professor comes to look for his runaway wife during the cold War 50s, and is the victim of a confidence scam. The 60's story is a reclusive rock star who has a relationship with his maid. The 80's is the story of a hooker (Mia Kirshner) and a man who form a bond, and meet for one night of wild sex every year.

Kirshner shows her buns briefly, and her breasts frequently, but in nearly no light. The scenes appear to have been shot with blue light, then further darkened. These are not the crispest images I have ever done, but I have lightened them to the point that you can at least see Kirshner, who has not done that much nudity, with the exception of Atom Egoyan's Exotica. Lindy Booth shows breasts in the 1920's segment in much more light. Unfortunately, the light was orange, but I have toned down the orange a little, and the results are much better than those of Kirshner.

The cast is a who's who of the Canadian A list. For a good review with more detail, check this one. This project was very ambitious, and was made even more difficult by the decision not to present each tale chronologically, but was not completely unsuccessful. IMDB readers have it at 7.1 of 10, and the few critics that have seen it find much to like. The DVD is feature rich, but is a less than perfect transfer. The film was made for a mere $750k Canadian. Students of film should see this, as it is fresh, and somewhat effective, but it is a long watch, and I found I couldn't really get emotionally involved in any of the seven stories the way the film jumped around. It is not a film for the masses, but some of you will want to look for it. So far, it is only available from Canada on Region 1 DVD.


Many thanks to all those that responded to my request for a source of Spanish DVDs. The overwhelming choice was www.dvdgo.com, and I have placed a large order, so we should have images of some of the Spanish actresses soon. I just wish I knew what 17 billion Spanish Pesetas was in dollars.


Graphic Response

Be sure to pay Graphic Response a visit at his website. www.graphic-barry.com.


Hello dear uncle Scoopy !
It's been a while since I submitted some material from back home in Flanders. So it's time now for an update on Flemish celeb nudity.
Our first girl, Deborah Ostrega, (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) even has a link with the USA. If the group "Lords of Acid" (lordsofacid.com) means something to you, you'll certainly be interested to see one of its singers like you've never seen her before in these scans from Cover magazine. The band with the extravagant acts and explicit lyrics isn't touring your country for the moment, but they've done so during the past couple of years. Despite her wild image on the band this pictorial did come as a bit of a surprise since she always claimed she's not so wild in real life. According to a newspaper article she's also negotiating a deal with the US hef mag, so there's a chance we might even see more of her in the future. Currently Deborah is one of the presenters of the program "Mediamadammen" on Flemish TV-station VT4 (vt4.be).
Also on VT4, as a program announcer, we can find Véronique De Kock (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), Miss Belgium 1995. Now she said she would never pose naked. But other Flemish celebs are accusing her of having her breasts augmented, something she vehemently denies. This really pisses her off* and she does all kinds of things to prove them wrong, like posing in skimpy bikini's and having her breasts X-rayed, but all the evidence was inconclusive so far. So she took things one step further and posed for Maxim magazine. Normally Maxim never shows the goodies but this time they went a bit further than usual. The picture where she's reclining on a bed proves IMO that her breasts are indeed natural and that other celebs are simply jealous and/or bad-mouthing her. But don't you agree with me that because of her hair we still can't see clearly and still can't be 100% sure. So, Véronique, you know what to do next, don't you? And while you're at it, please also drop your panties or they'll start nagging you about the real color of your hair. You can kill the proverbial two birds with one stone here.
*go to the vt4 website, click "omroepsters" and choose Véronique and read "ergste leugen" (worst lie) : mijn 'zogenaamde' borstvergroting (my so-called breast augmentation). The next line really puzzles me : most embarrassing event : peeing in the car ?! (meest genante gebeurtenis : plassen in de wagen). She pees in the car ? I suggest you continue driving when you see her hitch-hiking somewhere. Don't let her in your car.
That's all for now. Hope to be back soon.


DB is our resident expert on, among other things, naked opera.

Hi Scoop

Since it was mentioned in Tuesday's Funhouse here are a few 'caps from the Salzburg version of The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny. So where's Kirstie? (1, 2, 3, 4)


Lots and lots of scenes from the lowbrow genre spoof, "Not Another Teen Movie".


Sophie Rosentreter in Sass (1, 2, 3)


Today the last of Lana Clarkson's ordeal on the rack in "Barbarian Queen 2".
 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 )

Catherine Bell (1, 2)

DAI's caps from Hotline- the Brunch Club.

Julie Warner in "Family Law"

Jo Guest in "Capital Exposed"

Bobby Jo Moore in "The Chris Isaak Show"

Kerry Fox (1, 2, 3) her extremely intimate and explicit sex scenes in "Intimacy"

Pat Reeder (www.comedy-wire.com)

Pat's words in yellow:

From IMDB News.  Halle Berry is now a fervent proponent of nude scenes to help someone grow as an actress.  Bet you wish she'd give some acting lessons to Michelle Pfeiffer and Salma Hayek.  She also says there are far worse things in movies than nude scenes (does she ever get any arguments on that point?), such as blowing someone's head off.  I would bet that if someone released a movie that depicted a naked Halle Berry blew someone's head off, it would make more money than "Spiderman"...

Halle Stands By Nude Scenes

Halle Berry has defended the graphic sex scenes that adorn her film Monster's Ball - because there are so many worse things in Hollywood. Berry won a Best Actress Academy Award® for her role in the racial drama, but some of her love scenes with Billy Bob Thornton were so intense that American censors cut them. She says, "You know, it's such a contradiction. "In America, people are happy to watch a film in which someone blows someone else's head off, but these same people have a problem watching the most natural thing in the world - people making love." And although she feared she'd find filming the contentious scenes difficult, Halle actually grew as a performer from her experiences. She adds, "I was able to get to a place where I wasn't one bit concerned about what I looked like. I
completely shed all those inhibitions, and it was really cathartic."