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Doc Hollywood


Scoop's notes:

Michael J Fox plays a med school grad who is on his way to become a Hollywood plastic surgeon when he gets waylaid in a small town for some reason which I have now forgotten. While he's there, the locals try to recruit him to be their local sawbones. He resists - until he meets his true love.

Although it is a romantic comedy that is both romantic and gently funny, Doc Hollywood is the kind of movie that gets forgotten by history and underrated by the film snobs and fanboys at IMDb. It is not intellectual and/or pretentious enough for the turtleneck crowd, and it's not cool and/or hip enough for the young uns (kids under 18 rate it an awful 3.8!). With its stereotypical look at small town America, it's not a very smart movie, and the comedy has no edge at all, but for what it is supposed to be, it's a good flick. Very good, in fact. The current 5.8 at IMDb could easily cause you to miss the fact that it's rated nearly 80% at Rotten Tomatoes, which is goldurned high for the kind of mainstream feel-good movie that the critics often berate smugly.

Julie Warner film clips, collages below.








Bikini Bloodbath Car Wash


We are back from our seventies tour for a recent movie. I guess you can guess from the title that it was not an Oscar contender. We should have stayed in the seventies!

But there are breasts to be seen ...

Natalie Laspina shows the boobs as the opening credits roll. A cap and a clip.

Rachael Robbins with her tits in the shower. A cap and a clip.

Sarah Dauber with her "Tiny Tots" and then bad guy gets her. Caps and a clip.



Over in TV Land Charlize Theron gets all leggy visiting "Letterman" last year. Caps and an HD clip.









Notes and collages

"The Line"

Linda Hamilton

Returning to nudity after a long absence









 Romancing Sara


part 3 of ?

Susie Childey clips. Sample below










Ciara gets caught by flashbulbs

Cassie (supposedly). Cassie Ventura is a beautiful 22-year-old hip-hop performer. These were allegedly hijacked from her. I cannot verify them at this time.

A near-nipple from Claire Danes

A near-nipple from Eva Mendes

Elise Crombez

26-year-old Belgian supermodel who has made the major covers (Vogue, Elle, etc)

Tori Praver

22-year-old American model who has been in the last three SI swimsuit editions


Film Clips

Maria Conchita Alonso in Blackheart. An underrated sexpot, she was sort of the Salma Hayek of the 80s and 90s, except with a more modest bust line. (She is still working regularly.) She was in her 40s when she filmed Blackheart, but she was still hotter than a pistol. It's quite a lusty scene.

Iris Berben in Das Viereck

Gabriela Duarte in O Vestido. (Samples right)
Kathy Fields in Johnny Got his Gun. (Samples right)
Sandy Brown Wyeth in Johnny Got his Gun. (Samples right)
Scoop's notes:

Johnny Got His Gun, an anti-war film from the Vietnam era, when just about every film seemed to have some anti-establishment message, was considered an excellent film in the early 70s. It was entered into the 1971 Cannes Film Festival where it won the Grand Prix Spécial du Jury and the FIPRESCI Prize. It is still rated an outstanding 7.9 at IMDb, although it is largely forgotten now. It just made it to DVD last week - after all these years - so you can finally catch up on it. (As can I. I've never seen it myself.)

As far as I know, Kathy Fields never worked in films again, but surprisingly enough, IMDb has a recent picture of her. She hasn't changed that much, considering it has been nearly 40 years. I suppose she contributed the pic herself, which demonstrates how IMDb can be pretty doggoned neat sometimes.

Sandy Brown Wyeth hung around the D list for several years, on the very fringes of the business. She would turn up occasionally on McCloud or some show like that in a thankless role as "third girl in bar" or something. She continued to do that for some 15 years before she abandoned her showbiz dreams.