Duos sur canapé

This is the French movie with a very thin, very young, and very naked Lorraine Bracco. It's just a silly slapstick movie, but Bracco looks great as a bimbo, and has a really cute butt for such a thin woman. I'll do a few stills tomorrow. For now, here's a film clip from the Region 2 DVD


* Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

* White asterisk: expanded format.

* Blue asterisk: not mine.

No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.







Beach Balls

Beach Balls (1988) is a lesser Roger Corman effort. Specifically, it is a raunchy teen beach comedy. The IMDb summary, which was written by the releasing company, is not even close to the real plot, indicating to me that they didn't watch it themselves.

Here's the real deal:

Philip Paley lives in a beach house with his religious mother, his father and his Young Republican sister (Leslie Danon). He is on probation for driving a stolen car while he was intoxicated. He had no idea the car was stolen, but wouldn't rat on his "friends" even though they deserved it. His best friend is nerdish and horny (aren't they always in these films?)

Philip has been in love with the same girl for three years, but never had the nerve to put the moves on her. She likes rock musicians. He has learned guitar using an acoustic, but needs an electric and an amp to join a band. His mom isn't likely to help for several reasons, first and foremost being that she is convinced that rock is a tool of Satan

This is exactly my type of film. The fact that I was unimpressed should tell you something. There are too few breasts, too few jokes, and the acting could have been much better. The video quality is also lacking. Beach Balls was a career-ender for most of the cast.


IMDb readers say 4.5. Reviewers are equally unkind.


Leslie Danon shows both breasts, one at a time, in the front seat of a car in a very dark scene.




An unknown shows breasts at the beach when she loses her bikini top, and another unknown shows breasts having sex with the rock star.









Lair of the White Worm

A double dip today. First up from The Lair Of The White Worm we have Amanda Donohue baring the boobs.


And Catherine Oxenberg is our "Babe in Bondage" in her bra and panties.



Bound by Lies

Then in "Bound by Lies" we have Gladys Jiminez topless and in a "Babe in Bondage" scene with just some pokies.




Kristy Swanson also does a consensual "Babe in Bondage " scene, but sadly with not much skin.









Tres Palabras

The movie starts with the Funeral of María Galván (Maribel Verdú), who was a famous singer in the 50's. At that funeral, the movie director and formerlover of Mará, Alfredo Puente (Fernando Guillén), meets her daughter Lupe (also Maribel Verdú), who looks just like her. He makes her the protagonist of his next movie, which recreates the passionate and tragic story he had with her mother 30 years earlier. He uses this to start a relation with Lupe, to recreate the past and also to take vengeance for what her mother did to him.


Maribel Verdu








Notes and collages

Ann Margret

Magic. I like this film about a ventriloquist (Anthony Hopkins) who loses his sanity just as he finally gets together with the woman of his dreams (Ann Margret.)

Ann Margret in Joseph Andrews.

(The end of the Ann-Margret series.)








The Covenant



Laura Ramsey



Jessica Lucas



Ramsey and Lucas



Basia Jasinski









"Giulietta degli spiriti" (Juliet of the Spirits, IMDb) is a 1965 Italian film written and directed by Federico Fellini and starring his wife, Giulietta Masina. She plays Giulietta, a middle aged, rather naive rich housewife who attends seances and gradually realises that her husband is cheating on her with a young model. Her suspicions confirmed by evidence from a detective she hired, she suffers a major mental breakdown, characterized by visions, nightmares and childhood memories until she finally finds the courage to exorcize her inner demons and emancipate herself by abandoning her husband.

The film is beautifully photographed with bright lush colors and luxurious sets, and filled with dream-like scenes, nightmarish apparitions and eccentric characters. Some of the motifs found reminded me of similar ones in the subsequent films of Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch.

Caterina Boratto

Rika Dialina


Sandra Milo. Also, here is a Rapidshare film clip for those interested.


Sylva Koscina










Former Spice Girl Mel B
Linda Lovelace in Deep Throat. If you've wondered how the film got its name, this will demonstrate
Here's Lena Headey, the queen of Sparta, in two of her youthful nude appearances. Here she is in her screen debut in Waterland. She was 18. Then she is seen three years later in a BBC film called Loved Up.
Laetitia Casta shows off the enormous boobs in Gitano, a crappy movie, but one with some very hot sex scenes and some nice guitar music.
Margo Stilley in 9 Songs - Song 9
Valerie Kaprisky in La Femme Publique. The quality here is not so hot - very small screen size. But you rarely get to see a scene like this, where a big star just gets in front of the camera and starts to gyrate stark naked. Unless it's Harvey Keitel.
Julie Wiggin in Framtid (film clip)
For a woman who is so concerned about film nudity, Natalie Portman seems indifferent to casual public exposure. You remember the topless beach photos - and now this dress.






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Paris Hilton is going to jail. Friday, Hilton showed up 15 minutes late for her probation violation hearing and claimed that she couldn't be expected to know that her driver's license was suspended because  "I just sign what people tell me to sign...I'm a very busy person."  Her lawyer described Hilton as "someone with unique issues and needs."  The judge didn't buy it: he angrily told her that the time had come to take responsibility for her own actions and sentenced her to 45 days at a tough, non-"glamour slammer" women's jail in Lynwood. 

*  I smell a new, top-rated reality show! 

*  She does have unique needs...How many other people really need a brain transplant? 

After court, Hilton's mother Kathy railed at the judge and DA, saying the sentence "bordered on ludicrous" and that Paris was "selectively prosecuted because of who she is." 

*  Just because she's Paris Hilton, she's being sent to the jail that all the regular people go to! 

Inmates at the jail say Hilton will have to watch her back and be careful what she says. She'll get cold cereal for breakfast and a baloney sandwich for lunch; no cosmetics or hair dye except for a lip liner; a steel cot with a thin mattress; two blue jumpsuits, one bra and two pairs of panties a week, and she'll have to wash the panties during her daily five-minute shower.  One inmate said, "If you act like you're all high-class and uppity, you're done." 

*  These are impossible conditions!  Paris Hilton has to shower with dozens of other women, and there'll be nobody there to tape it?! 

The "DC Madam" scandal is fizzling out.  Friday, ABC News reported
that they'd researched her book of client phone numbers, and aside from the Bush appointee who resigned as head of the abstinence program, there's nobody interesting on it.  They said they found a few military officers, but no Congressional or White House officials, and most men who hired the escorts "just weren't newsworthy enough" for their sex lives to be worth exposing.  

*  Translation: They're all reporters for ABC News.

*  So guys who have to pay for sex are a bunch of underachieving losers?  Whoever would've guessed?!