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Marseille is the first French-language series produced by Netflix

The film clips are 1280x720, but the captures are in UHQ (3840x2160)

Episode 2

Stephane Calliard

Episode 3

Stephane Calliard

Episode 4

Stephane Calliard

Carolina Jurczak

Episode 6

Stephane Calliard

Carolina Jurczak

Episode 7

Carolina Jurczak

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Season Four, 1920x1080

episode ten

Gaby Hoffmann

This week, the movies are from 1999

Wild Things

Denise Richards

and Theresa Russell are both topless in Wild Things

All comments by Johnny Moronic:



Backgammon is a drama where a group of friends get together for the weekend at a house by the sea. Lucian (Noah Silver) is there with his girlfriend, but feels left out as he doesn't seem to know anyone while Miranda (Brittany Allen) lives at the house with her painter boyfriend and they are clearly having problems in their relationship. Lucian's girlfriend leaves and after a drunken game of poker between Lucian and the boyfriend, Lucian wins his entire collection of paintings, although he has little interest in taking it. The next morning, Miranda alerts Lucian that her boyfriend has gone away in a huff and that they are the only two people at the house. Lucian decides to stay with Miranda, who seems a bit flaky as she only seems to give half answers or changes the subject frequently. After a dip in the sea, they come back to the house to see that the boyfriend's latest painting has changed suggesting that he is still around. Lucian and Miranda start to fall for one another although this seems to be pushes as a diversionary tactic by Miranda and when that doesn't work, she threatens to kill herself. So, why does Miranda want Lucian to stay, what happened to the boyfriend and why does the painting continues to change?

Strange movie, basically a two-hander and again not a lot happens (seems to be a common thread in the movies I'm currently watching...). Brittany Allen's character is incredibly frustrating and I described her a flaky, but I think that's being generous as by the end she's a fully-blown lunatic. Lucian doesn't do much more than react to her increasing lunacy. I didn't hate the movie, but it did frustrate me quite a bit, so I really can't recommend it.

Brittany Allen film clip (collage below)

Movie/TV Clips

Dandara de Morais in Ventos de Agosto (2014) in 720p


Miley Cyrus - a hint of labia and pubes

Allesandra Ambrosio

Anna Friel in Marcella

GOT's Maisie Williams (It's OK. She's 19. But no nudity.)