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Hundra (1982) is a Spanish film of the "warrior princess" sub-genre.

Hundra comes from a feminist village which only deals with men when necessary to get pregnant and propagate their society. Hundra has no interest in mating, and prefers the role of warrior/hunter. When a group of men from the dreaded "bull clan" attack her village and kill everyone, she finds herself the last fertile woman of her tribe, and must reproduce to save her race from extinction. As distasteful as it is to her, she travels to a city, decides the doctor would not be too revolting to have sex with, and submits herself to be trained as a temple prostitute to learn how to seduce him.

This "Limited Special Widescreen Edition" promises much. The packaging claims, "Often referred to as the 'female Conan,' this rip-roaring sword and sorcery epic with erotic overtones - filled with steamy scenes of barbarian women warriors fighting and making love - gallops along to a thunderous score by Ennio Morricone."

IMDb readers say 4.3 based on 91 votes.

Joe Bob calls it one of the best drive-in movies to see with a date. Personally, I would rather do Dirty Dancing or Steel Magnolias again.

This is a C-. Genre lovers may enjoy the costuming and the sword play. God knows why.



Lead Laurene Landon shows breasts on horseback



Several unknowns expose various body parts.









All the Colors of the Dark

First the Time Machine goes back to 1972 for Edwige Fenech, who was a regular in the nudie films of the seventies. T & A from Edwige here, in what was not one of her most revealing roles.




Then it's back home for a "Damsel In Distress," Jennifer Aniston in Derailed. Jennifer of course does not get naked, although the role definitely called for it. Legs, cleavage and lingerie from Jenn.







Meatballs 4

Ricky Wade (Corey Feldman), a water skier, takes on an evil rich woman who wants to steal an old guy's summer camp. Only good thing about this movie is the nudity. At the end of the movie where Feldman gets the girl and they are kissing, he talks to the camera telling the viewers that the movie is over and she says to him that he is not a star and he replies "I was in Goonies"

That tells you all you need to know about the quality of the movie.



Anna Lee Farr


Christy Thom


Kristi Ducati

Lauren Hays


Miche Straube


Hays and Straube


Paige French



Group Shower







Notes and collages

Adrienne Barbeau - cleavage fest

Adrienne Barbeau, Open House

Adrienne Barbeau, Cannonball Run

Adrienne Barbeau, Burial of the Rats








Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The Beginning



Diora Baird



Jordana Brewster









Speaking of Molly Ringwald, here she is, all grown up, in Malicious. You've seen stills of this scene, but if you haven't actually watched the film clip, you should. The movement of her big, firm boobs is very alluring.
Kari Wuhrer in Poison

Stephanie McMahon through the years - various nipples and buns

Julia Parton in The Rosebud Beach Hotel

Monique Gabrielle in The Rosebud Beach Hotel

Speaking of Hotels, a few of Corinne Clery in Kleinhoff Hotel

IMDB comment: "This film is about a woman who misses her plane, and is forced to stay at a decayed hotel for a night. During her stay, she observes the mentally ill man staying in the room next to hers. Virtually devoid of intelligent filmmaking or writing, or any type of credible acting, this poorly dubbed movie starts off pointless and ends pointless. Plus, it's needlessly graphic. Whether or not you'll like this movie depends of your abilities to watch Bruce Robinson's scrotum for fifteen minutes nonstop."

I just ordered it.

Big fan of Robinson's scrotum.

I keed. Didn't order it, not planning to. Sorry, Robinson-scrotum fans.

Here's Clery:

Margo Stilley in 9 Songs - Song 8
The last item is just a curiosity. It's not sexy and has no nudity at all. But if you are curious, here's what Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson looked like as beautiful young teens.