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  • In response to so many of you, I don't have any pictures of the nude NATO protestors. Has anyone seen any? By the way, let me get this straight - they will stay naked until Clinton stops bombing - hey, don't they have this backwards? Aren't they giving him a reason to continue? Shouldn't they agree to get naked if he stops?
  • Offbeat, satirical link. "The Wench Times, your source of tasteless gossip on Mariah Carey and other skanks". Actually, that doesn't describe the site that well, but read on, because the story is funny. I enjoyed the individual cuts on their non-existent album.



    Kama Sutra

  • "Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love" is Realist's subject for today. I haven't seen it, and watching it isn't on my to-do list. Heard it was mighty purty fer ta look it, though. The story featured two childhood friends, one who marries the king, and the other a servant girl. The servant girl seduces the king on his wedding night, which kinda puts a strain on her relationship with the queen. This picture is the servant-girl, played by Indira Varma. Here's a full frontal.
  • Here is a rear shot that seems to show quite a bit of her naughty bits
  • One more angle on that rear view
  • another frontal as she stands up from the tub
  • lovemaking scene
  • she is made up as some kind of stone sculpture, and seems to kind of blend in with the background
  • Miscellaneous lovemaking. Varma made her screen debut as the star of the movie. Her career hasn't really skyrocketed, although she has picked up a couple of good supporting roles.
  • The queen, Sarita Choudhury, didn't show as much as Ms Varma. Here's a clear nipple shot
  • Here are various modest breast shots
  • According to the scanner, this one is almost certainly not Choudhury. The camera pans down from her face to the breast shot above, which is probably real. Then the camera cuts away, then returns to Varma going lower on the Queen's body. So, I suppose the body double stepped in at that point. Pretty arty shots. The movie was directed by a woman, not that that means anything.





  • Our Rasslin' Guru is back with some sweaty activity. The best wrestling news of the week comes from the WCW, which has just signed a contract to market a line of upscale fragrances endorsed by professional wrestlers. Sign me up for "Eau de Undertaker", and anything that will allow my lovers to close their eyes and pretend that they are with Mean Gene Okerlund. Speaking of the Mean One, here he is with Rick Flair and Gorgeous George. The reason for you to look is that Girl George seems to have one or more nipples uncontained by her garments
  • I don't see anything escaping in this picture, but I have no idea how they stayed in.
  • Moving over to the WWF, here's Debra McMichael in her usual bikini tease.
  • more McMichael
  • and here's Madusa in a bikini top
  • Crow also spent some time away from the top ropes with another grade-c strip flick with funky mood lighting. C'mon Clinton, before you leave, can't you issue some kind of executive order on this? Here's Becky LeBeau and Monique Parent in "Sins of Desire"
  • Becky LeBeau and Monique Parent in "Sins of Desire"
  • Becky LeBeau and Monique Parent in "Sins of Desire"
  • Becky LeBeau and Monique Parent in "Sins of Desire"
  • Becky LeBeau and Monique Parent in "Sins of Desire"





    Graphic Response

  • Four new ones from the Grand Master today. Perhaps the rarest is this one of Romane Bohringer in "Savage Nights". Bohringer is not the prettiest flower in the garden, but she joins Mimi Rogers and Lisa Nicole Carson in the trinity of mainstream actresses with the most enormous natural bazongas.
  • Alice Krige in "Ghost Story"
  • Sheryl Lee in "Backbeat"
  • Demi Moore in "Striptease"






  • I have to say this is the catch of the day. I have never before seen these deep-cleavage caps of Diane Lane in 1981's "Summer". This was a tv movie, and she was playing a juvenile, so I don't think topless seems realistic, but it was sure close. Although it's old and blurry, this must be the only copy of "Summer" in existence, so Swain is da man. 1981? Can she be that old?
  • I don't remember ever seeing this one before either. Celine Lomez in "Apres Ski"
  • and Mathilda May in "Letters from a Unknown Lover"





    Snow Blind

  • Some material from a first-time contributor. Demi Moore in "Disclosure" (no nudity, but Demi was lookin' good.)
  • Jenny Wright in "Pink Floyd, The Wall"