Today's Images
Tuesday in Pepperland.
  • Pepperland is the home of all the gigantic natural breasts which are marketed throughout the world. Here's a little sample of the legendary Ursula "Uschi" Digart, who reigned as the queen of the pin-ups and Russ Meyer movies for parts of four decades. (And she may yet make it five). Brush up on your Swedish.
  • A new site from Dr Ivan and Pepper. As you may know, Pepper is not just a fan of Uschi Digart, but also an authority on her and an acquaintance. You've seen his personal one-of-a-kind scans here from time to time in the form of Christmas cards or just personal notes with pictures attached. Anyway, Pepper has assembled some of his best and rarest scans .... they're not all unique, but they're all treasures and almost all rare. I have to apologize. I asked Doc and Pepper to make the site smaller and easier to navigate. There were 1,100 pics, and he culled it down to only the best 300, but made it easier to get around and find what you want (I hope). My apology is that I forgot to change this paragraph to the correct numbers! Check out the new Uschi page.
  • Here another Russ Meyer favorite, Eva Horvath, better known as "Tundi". I'm not sure what Tundi means, but I have a feeling that "Milk-Maid" might convey the general idea.
  • If you just can't get enough of Tundi and the other residents of Pepperland, Pepper has finally put together a dramatic collection of monster headlight chicks. It's called The International Tit Queen Festival, and it features 1,300 DIFFERENT pictures of hundreds of women who have made their mark in the world of big bosom modeling. Natural only. Click here and check it out.
  • Here's one of the most famous of the TitQueens, Kitten Natividad.
  • If redheads are your thing, Doc and Pepper have one page just for you. Rare and high-quality scans of the fiery females.
  • If you prefer the old B&W pin-ups, you may enjoy Debbie Jordan!
  • Aussie's Corner
  • Apparently, Aussie has created a pre-sold demand for these. Fair enough. I guess not many people have ever seen these rare vidcaps of Carlo Gugino in "Jaded". Here's #1
  • Carla Gugino in "Jaded", #2
  • Aussie also has dug up some rarely-seen (maybe never on the web, I don't know) footage of Karen Young in "Deep in the Heart" (movie aka "Handgun"), #1
  • Karen Young #2 in "Handgun".
  • Yasmeen Ghauri
  • As any regular visitors know, we love models here in the Fun House. So, we gladly have some runway scans for everyone! This one shows a little nipple.
  • On the catwalk in a see-thru outfit.
  • Laetitia Casta
  • Sexy S.I. swim suit model. Collage by Iced T.
  • Laetitia in a topless see-thru outfit.
  • Another huge collage. Mostly skimpy outfits, but a few more revealing scans, including a great pic from behind.
  • And finally, a great collection of nudes of the lovely Ms. Casta.
  • Fun House Variety
  • A rather unusual pic of Alicia Silverstone, and her big pink teddy bear.
  • Aaron Spelling's arch enemy, Hunter Tylo. Also known as "The Plaintiff".
  • Bobbie Bresee, the starlet from such b-movie greats as "Evil Spawn", and my personal favorite, "Surf Nazis Must Die".
  • Come with me, and let's take a little side trip down Obscure Tangent Blvd. (a favorite detour of both Scoopy Sr, and myself). This time, instead of inserting our usual 1960's Shatner movie reference, we're taking a different approach by showcasing some older, and maybe forgotten celebs. First up, a topless collage of Bonnie Bedelia by Shadowlord.
  • Leaning more toward the forgotten side of Obscure Tangent Blvd, here's former morning anchor Kathleen Sullivan. From this scan it's hard to tell if the picture was taken before or after Weight Watchers. Either way, her clothes don't quite fit. Scan by The Night.