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Miou-Miou clip (caps below)

Miss Miou (nee Sylvette Hery) was 47 when she made this film. She has one of the more interesting showbiz stories. She comes from a blue collar family with no theatrical background. Her dad was a cop and her mom sold fruit and vegetables. When the Miou-stress was working at the fruit market, she was hired to be the cleaning lady at Cafe de la Gare, a popular Parisian theatre which featured Gerard Depardieu and Patrick Dewaere before they made it in films. She started filling in as an actress in the theater, became Dewaere's lover, and tagged along with Depardieu and Dewaere when they became movie stars. Miou-Moiu and Dewaere had a child together, but split up soon thereafter.

The trio had divergent paths. Dewaere's own life played itself out tragically when he shot himself to death in 1982 while still in his mid-thirties, but Miou-Moiu and Depardieu went on to appear in pretty much every French film ever made since then. She has 91 credits at IMDb, which is an enormous amount, but she seems like a slacker next to Depardieu, who has almost three times as many, including 165 movies.



Chain Letter


Collages below.

Chain Letter, from the makers of 7eventy 5ive (yeah, the title says it all really), is a horror film about a group of teenagers who are stalked by a killer all because they failed to pass along a chain letter. There's also something about an anti-technology group being behind it and the killer murdering everyone with a chain. Usually, I'd go into more detail, but why bother, the filmmakers didn't. The chain letter is a rather flimsy concept for killing someone, considering the killer doesn't seems to give a shit about whether or not they send it or even have any reason, even a flimsy one, to target the kids other than to kill someone. Hell, we don't even find out who the killer is, which is fine, but it keeps in line with everything in the film not thought out past the kills. And even the kills are far too elaborate to make any sense, particularly the final kill which needs two cars to be driven at the same time. Dreadful and then some.

Cherilyn Wilson film clips (see below).


Madison Bauer film clip




Film Clips

Ramola Garai in the latest episode (part 4) of The Crimson Petal and the White (see below)

Eva Kessler in Tango (2011 TV; see below)

Laura Ramsey in Kill the Irishman. Big ones, this time in 720p (2011; see below)

Valentina Lizcano's new photoshoot for Soho magazine. (See below)

(She's a TV star in Colombia.)


Lea Seydoux and others in Belle Epine (2010; see below)


Seydoux with Anais Demoustier

Seydoux with Anna Sigalevitch

Seydoux with Agathe Schenkler

Agathe Schlenker, this time by herself, in Belle Epine (see below)

Irina Rakhmanova in 9th Company, in HD (2005; see below)

The women of Standing Still (2005)



Kate Moss in Vogue's French edition

Laetitia Casta in Gainsbourg

Lucy Gordon in Gainsbourg

Ophelia Kolb in Gainsbourg

Sophie Monk on the beach. I think these are posed to look like candid shots.


Jen Araki in an HD appearance in a 2007 episode of The Sopranos

Peggy Church in The Big Snatch (1971)

Uschi Digard in The Big Snatch

Traci Handfuss in The Big Snatch

Ginnie Kindall in The Big Snatch

Jane Tsentas in The Big Snatch