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DVD and boob-ray release in June. First scene is the massively stacked Laura Bertram in a 69 sex position.



Let The Game Begin


I'm not sure what the deal is on the 2011 date, but this is an atrocious film that attempts to be a relationship comedy - I think. Mostly it just wanders around aimlessly, is arranged illogically, is cut confusingly, and spends a lot of time on unimportant minor characters. Of course the director may have gone with the minor characters because his star was so weak - it's the one dude from American Pie who was completely forgettable. Of course we remember Stifler best from those films, but he was really the nemesis of our heroes, a group of four friends. There was Oz, the handsome lacrosse jock who loved to sing. There was Finch, the intellectual bullshitter. There was Jim, the shy pie-fucker whose dad was Eugene Levy. And then there was that other dude who did nothing special and had no personality. Well that other dude is the star of this film. Although he's supposed to be a doctor turned internet millionaire, he still looks and sounds like a naive high school kid, and is not believable either in medicine or in business.

They can bypass that 2011 release date and bury this one completely if they would like to avoid embarrassment.

Lots of Canadians in this one. I'm not sure this is Patricia Stasiak, but Spaz offers that as his best guess.


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Tropical Passions


Today we have a pair of "Babes in Bondage" from a very forgettable flick "Tropical Passions".

First up is Diana Kauffman who stars and shows the boobs in this consensual scene with another woman and a man. Caps and a clip.



Then Jamie Phelps is tied arms over head wearing only panties as she is terrorized by another female. Caps with a clip.







Cousin Bette


Elisabeth Shue singing and dancing. Clip here. Caps below.




s1, e7

Deborah Tabone film clip. Samples below





More of Nicole Ari Parker in Soul Food, three different episodes

Malinda Williams in Soul Food

Alessia Merz

Lara Stone

Raquel Zimmerman

Akiko Ashley in The Basketball Diaries

Carey Mulligan in The Greatest

Marysia Kay in Colour from the Dark

Debbie Rochon in Colour from the Dark

Tamzin Merchant in The Tudors, s4e4


Film Clips

Natasha Cunningham in Underbelly, s3e3

Sabine Timoteo in Das Vaterspiel. Sample below.

Marie Baeumer, Justyna Pawlicka and Karolina Lodyga in episode 4 of Im Angesicht Des Verbrechens

Ulrike Tscharre and Karolina Lodyga in episode 3 of Im Angesicht Des Verbrechens

Various collages below


Lodyga, episode 3

Lodyga, episode 4