I've been churning out two a day for a while, so I hunted and gathered instead! Lots of film clips today, and the return of a long-lost friend.


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We're happy to welcome Aesthete back to the site after a brief hiatus of, oh, about seven years. He was a major contributor back in the late 90s, early 00s, but wandered off and did his own thing. His specialty these days is high definition, which works out great for us since it is the wave of the future.


Eyes Wide Shut


Nicole Kidman in 1920x1080.





Kelly MacDonald film clips here (960x540)

The impressive collages below were made from a 1920x1080 source.







Body Language


Another crime thriller with a little nudity thrown in.


Heidi Schanz is pretty cute as a stripper, offering us breasts and buns (And in cap #7 it looks like Tom Berenger's "Tool" may be showing.)

Caps and five clips.


Mim Parker plays another stripper working the pole with a film clip.

Scoop's note: I have no freakin' idea what Heidi Schanz is doing these days. This film was essentially her film debut and it was typical late night cable fare, but for a while there she was getting some work in major films from big name directors, films like Se7en and The Truman Show. Then she seemed to drop completely off the grid.  Her last IMDb credit is in 2001.






Notes and collages

Last Gasp


Spectacular breasts from Diana Tudor







Zombie Strippers


Jenna Jameson (with film clips)

Roxy Saint
Penny Drake
Shamron Moore

Detrompez Vous

(aka Game of Four, 2007)

Alice Taglioni (with film clip)









Uh huh. I read your comments regarding Born and thought for a moment that all my dreams had come true.

The Costello Twins. Nekkid. For minutes on end.

Julie and Shawnie Costello had sported four of the jugs in the Juggy Dancers, Man Show variety. Twasn't the juggies that drew one's eye to them but their long, muscular bodies. They had been college athletes and had done all they could to stay in shape, at least so far as the interested observer's eye could see. I had even purchased two seasons worth of Man Show DVDs in hopes of finding an uncensored version of their topless 2-on-2 basketball game with Adam and Jimmy...but no. Pixellated to oblivion. All our hopes for a sane and peaceful world dashed.

Then you promised us....well, The Promised Land.

Julie and Shawnie. Nekkid. For minutes on end.

But I repeat myself. I suppose I was hoping to see them romping on the beach in bright sunlight. At the very least I was expecting something that had a hint of sun in it. Nope. Born does appear to be a most grim, gothic horror film and so we are left with candlelight to illuminate The Twins...both sets of them. And that is pretty much all you get - The Twin's twins, because they keep the nether regions and what has to be a killer couple of cabooses out of sight. This makes me a sad Panda. But I did what I could with the clips you provided us - thank you from the bottom of my pea-pickin' little heart for that - and came up with two collages.

So perhaps we will have better luck with two other movies the Twins are in. One is called Stripper Academy. Hmm, that has some promise to it, wouldn't ya say? Ordering that bad boy tomorrow. Cross your fingers, all y'all. We may yet set the Costello Twins in all their glory.


Julie and Shawnie Costello









More of Aniston in a bikini. This time she's hanging around a pool in Miami somewhere.



From the "rarely capped" guy comes Debbie Reynolds in How Sweet It Is, a 1968 movie directed by Jerry the dentist from the Bob Newhart Show


Bernadette Heerwagen in Gruesse aus Kashmir


Jane Hayden in Killer's Moon


More from the set of Crank 2. Man, they have that set sealed tight, don't they?

This time the exposure comes from Bai Ling's gigantic and highly familiar nipples.


Film Clips

Kate Winslet in Quills (2000), from the glorious days when she got naked in every movie.

Amanda Redman in The Lorelei (1990), a rarely-seen BBC teleplay.

Audie England in Miami Hustle (1996). Although she's only 35, she has not acted at all since 2000, and hasn't been in a film since Free Enterprise in 1998. I heard they were begging her to come back for Free Enterprise 2 (the writers of that film are friends of hers). I don't know the status of that. I don't even know if Free Enterprise 2 is still an open project. As for Audie, she was a film major who specialized in cinematography at UCLA, and now has her own photography business: She also owns her own line of ladies sleepwear with actress Renee Faia, and that can be found at:

Cosma Shiva Hagen in Der Laden (1998)

Several women from The Naked Truth, a 1992 movie from Nico Mastorakis: Courtney Gibbs, Donna Baltron, Shelley Michelle, and Maureen Flaherty

Caroline Munro in The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (1974)

Delphine Zentout in Farinelli (1994)

Karoline Eichhorn in Der Sandmann (1995)

Lorie Griffin in Teen Wolf (1985)

Rachel Shelley in Everybody Loves Sunshine (1999)

Susan Penhaligon in The Last Chapter (1974). I always associate her with her role in Soldier of Orange, an excellent Verhoeven film in which she was in bed with Rutger Hauer and Jeroen Krabbe - at the same time.

The last four are hot off the presses:

Here's Gemma Arterton in Three and Out (2008). Why should you care? She's the latest Bond girl, and she's cute as a bug!

Mila Kunis in Boot Camp (2007). Nice! She's the tiny, exotic beauty from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and of course, "That 70s Show." She's also the voice of Meg Griffin on Family Guy. TRIVIA: (1) Mila is short for Milena. She was born in Kiev and moved to the USA when she was seven. (2) Her eyes are two different colors. Kinda spooky, but also kinda hot!

Misty Meeler in Knock Knock. Whatever. I have no idea what this is, but there's a sample of it to the right.
Here's the nudity from Harold and Kumar 2. Good enough nudity, but two problems: (1) cam quality (2) all unknowns. Sample right.