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Season 5


Episode 4

Natalie Zea

This week, the year is 2007.

I Think I Love My Wife

No nudity in I Think I Love My Wife (2007) but some women are in their underwear:

Gina Torres,

Kerry Washington

and some not identified.

There are also some pokies by Elizabeth Mathis

and nice cleavage by Dani Marco.

Music and Lyrics

Again, no nudity in Music and Lyrics (2007) just lots of cleavage by

Drew Barrymore,

Haley Bennett,

Kristen Johnston

and Suzi Lorraine.


There is limited nudity in Superbad (2007) by Aurora Snow and Jenna Haze.

The rest of the women are sexy or partially dressed:


Emma Stone,

Martha MacIsaac,

Stacy Edwards,

some not identified.

Virgin Territory

A bit of nakedness in Virgin Territory (2007) particularly by

Chiara Gensini and Silvia Colloca,

Elisabetta Canalis

and Kate Groombridge.

The rest of the women are partially dressed or show plenty of cleavage:

Anna Galiena,

Coral Beed,

Maimie McCoy,

(Reed + McCoy)

Mischa Barton

and Rosalind Halstead.

People I've Slept With


The People I've Slept With is a ... well, romantic sex comedy ... about Angela (Karin Anna Cheung) who likes to sleep around a lot. Angela also catalogues her endeavours by taking a photo of her conquests, which is perfect because she's gonna need them. Yep, she's pregnant and she doesn't know who the father is. So with the help of her gay best friend Gabriel, also with his own love woes, including having drunkenly slept with Angela, they go about getting samples from the possible suspects including a now dead guy. In the meantime, Angela falls head over heels for political candidate Jefferson (who could also be the father).

So will they get together and is her dream guy the father of her baby? Hmm... The People I've Slept With is a different take on the usual romantic tropes, but still not interesting enough to break the mould. In fact, it's pretty sleazy at times and the relationships don't seem all that realistic at all, particularly Angela's relationship with conservative candidate Jefferson.

Ah well...

Diora Baird

Estella Warren

Hayley Marie Norman in two episodes of the TV version of "Crash"

Demi Moore in About Last Night in 1080p