A while back I sent you a pic of J Simmons and K Douglas in Spartacus where Ms Simmons showed nudity. This pic has always caused confusion with me as I never was sure about whether it is legit or not, even though I was told it came from the European release. A few weeks ago, a person on Ebay was selling the same pic, but this version was autographed by Ms. Simmons and Mr. Douglas. I got in touch with the individual and asked if his pic came from the European version of that scene and he said yes.

It would appear that the pic is legit.


Sounds convincing. I'm not persuaded by the e-Bay guy's claim, but a genuine Simmons autograph indicates to me that the picture must be for real, whether from an outtake or some alternate version.


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And more from Kelsey Grammer's short-lived 2007 sitcom "Back to You," this time featuring Ayda Field. Caps and a clip.








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Matylda Buczko film clip. Samples below

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Annie Parisse




Heather Morris (she's now on Glee)

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Spectacular 1080p clips from Chloe: Amanda Seyfried, Julianne Moore, both women together

Tamzin Merchant in s4e4 of The Tudors (the new episode, in 720p)

Annie Parisse in The Pacific, episode 8, 720p

Carey Mulligan in The Greatest, 720p

Clare Grant in an episode of Masters of Horror, in 720p. The reason we're looking at this is that she got married yesterday to Seth Green, so she's now Mrs. Scotty Evil, and therefore Dr. Evil's daughter-in-law, Clare Evil.