Isadora Duncan, the Biggest Dancer in the World


Vivian Pickles film clips
This is an early work (1966) by the noted director Ken Russell. It was made for the BBC, is in B&W, and has a lot of rough edges, although there are glimpses of the cynical, louche talent he would later show. If you want to read a lot more about it, here's a detailed review that I pretty much agree with.

Vivian Pickles is still alive and active. She co-wrote a book in 2014. (Wikipedia)  She made her film debut an unbelievable 72 years ago!

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Season Four, 1920x1080

episode one

Allison Williams

the famous ass-eating scene


Kid Cannabis


Karyn Halpin


This week, the movies are from 1999:


Pleasurecraft (1999) is a softcore movie with lots of nakedness by:

Amber Newman

Andrea R. Hargitay

Brandy Davis

Shayna Ryan

Taimie Hannum

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The Survivalist


The Survivalist is a drama where a survivalist (Martin McCann) lives off the land with limited supplies and contact with other people. One day a mother and daughter (Olwen Fouéré and Mia Goth) arrive on his doorstep looking for shelter with some small offering plus the promise of the daughter being a sexual companion. The survivalist reluctantly accepts, wary that they might be trying to kill him, which it turns out they are. During one such attempt on his life by the mother, the daughter wonders off to wash herself and is taken by a rival survivalist who, in a struggle to get her back, shoots the survivalist, who then kills the rival. He is nursed back to health by the two women, but supplies are now at critical point and only enough for two, so who is going to be the one that is sacrificed?

 Quiet slow burn drama where not a lot happens but offers enough intrigue to last the distance. Definitely not for those that aren't patient.

Mia Goth 1080 hd film clips (collages below)

Olwen Fouere 1080 hd film clips (samples below)

Olwen Fouere and Mia Goth 1080 hd film clip (sample below)



Darling is a horror drama in which Darling (Lauren Ashley Carter) is charged with looking after a mansion but she soon discovers that there is something in house that is causing her distress. One day, Darling drops her necklace and a man (Brian Morvant) picks it up and gives it to her. She is startled by the man, but later meets him in a bar and takes him to the mansion, where a madness takes over her and she kills him and cuts him up.

That's pretty much it for the movie, a stylish experimental movie that is hard to describe and to be honest, is a bit of a trial to watch even at 75 minutes. I liked Lauren Ashley Carter in The Woman and Jug Face and she's the main reason to watch this movie, but I can't recommend it for any other reason.

Lauren Ashley Carter film clip (collage below)

Movie/TV Clips

Kate Lyn Sheil and others in A Wonderful Cloud (2015) in 1080hd

Jade Tailor in Cam2Cam (2014)

Ada Sternberg and Muriel Wimmer in Little Thirteen (2012) in 1080hd



Helena Bonham Carter in Novocaine (2001) in 720p


Theresa Russell and others in Eureka

J-Lo. Allegedly an outtake from her Rebirth photoshoot in 2005.