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Season 5


Episode 1

Sonni Laine

Scoop's note: this preview of this weekend's presentation is a great find from Oz. I had no idea this material existed. As he points out, the DVD extras are way better than the movie itself.

Oz's notes: This week's theme is the films of 2007.

Stoned Age

How often are the DVD extras better that than the main feature? Not too often I would imagine. However, in Stoned Age aka Homo Erectus (2007) that is the case, at least where nudity is concerned. Of the 78 collages, 65 are taken from the DVD extras. In the few nude scenes of the movie there are many naked women in the background. The DVD producer has taken video of some of them in various poses, many with little clothing. Enjoy!

From the movie:

Ali Larter - sexy

Carol Alt - very sexy

Unidentified (with a lot of hard work you might be able to identify some of them using the DVD Extras) - nakedness

From the DVD Extras:

Aliana Love - topless

Ali Cobrin - bikini

Andrea Lowell - topless

Darryl Hanah (yes, that's the spelling - she's another porn star that isn't intelligent enough to come up with her own name so she takes off a legitimate actress) - topless

Jilina Scott - bikini

Karlie Montana - topless

Kelly Devine - topless

Marie Love - topless

Rachel Mullins - topless

Samantha Lusk - discretely topless

Sarah Grant Brendecke - bikini

Valerie - discretely topless

Madeline Zima - shows she has a terrific body in a bikini but with a potty mouth

Vanessa Zima - bikini

Yvonne Zima - bikini

Zima sisters - bikinis (they were in a group scene dressed as cave women but I couldn't pick them out)

Unidentified - naked, and some not to be viewed on an empty stomach


Mercy Malick in Freeway Killer (2010) , this time in 1080p

Anne Heche in The Juror (1996)

Anna Maria Rizzoli in Il Sommergibile Piu Pazzo del Mondo (1982)

Andrea Ferreol in Despair (1978) in 1080p. Spectacular quality for a 1978 movie.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

More obscure Cherie Lunghi nude scenes:
This one from a mature Cherie, age 44, in an episode of Strangers, s1e2 (1996)

Katherine Harrison in Rockin' Road Trip (1985)

June Chadwick in Forbidden World (1982)

Dawn Dunlap in Forbidden World

a jumbo-ass HQ version of the famous Markie Post pic with the areola-slip