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Too Much Flesh

Too Much Flesh is a French film written and directed by and starring Jean-Marc Barr. The cinematographer also shares writing and directing credits. Lyle (Jean-Marc Barr) is 35, and has been married to his wife (Rosanna Arquette) for years, but they have never consummated their marriage. The marriage was arranged, and we gradually learn how this strange relationship came about. An early girlfriend of his spread the rumor that his pecker was way too big, and he believed her as a young man. This "killer cock" rumor gave Arquette all the excuse she needed for staying true to her true love, who died in an accident.

Then enter Barr's best friend, returning to the small Illinois town a successful writer with a French girl (Elodie Bouchez) in tow. It comes as some surprise when Barr starts banging Bouchez, but then we learn that her "fiance" is gay. Barr is happy, as he now knows his pecker won't kill his wife, but she still wants none of him. Barr and Bouchez make great use of their time, but the good Christian town folk will not tolerate this overt sinning.

I believe the film is meant to show how close-minded and restrictive rural Christian society can be, and to argue in favor of pleasure and happiness. I found it rather slow and obvious, but then European pace is often much slower than American film, and Bouchez and Barr sold the carnal relationship and the idea that it was good clean fun. At least it is not the same old Hollywood formula.

This is a C - a competent European art film made for a limited audience.

IMDb readers say 5.4.

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Play Time DVD aka Playtime (1994) Jennifer Burton



Rosanna Arquette



Elodie Bouchez









Killing Me Softly

Today our spotlight shines on Heather Graham in Killing Me Softly. Heather really showed the skin in this one with some really hot takes. She even had a little "Babe In Bondage" scene to wind up the movie.

Scoop's note: somebody should make a thriller in which Heather Graham is the surprise killer. Who the hell could suspect her? With her innocent, big-eyed demeanor and her girlish whispery voice, she would always be the least likely suspect. She always seems like the world's nicest kindergarten teacher - which is essentially the role she played in this film, albeit with a kinky streak.








¿De Qué Lado Estás?

The movie takes place in Mexico, on August 1971, three years after the Tlatelolco massacre and some weeks after the June 10th killings, two famous incidents in which the Mexican government used overwhelming force on student protestors.

A former German Spy from the Stasi, Bruno (Ulrich Noethem), arrives in Mexico City to escape his past, only to find an agent from the Mexican Government blackmailing him. If he doesn't agree to spy for them, they will send him back to Germany. He is then assigned as a teacher at the UNAM (Mexico's University from the State), where he meets a good-looking female student, Adela (Fabiola Campomanes), who is in one of the militant student groups that are against the Government. She gets him in, not knowing that the only way he can survive is bring them all down.

Scoop's note: This film was nominated for three Ariels and is rated 7.8 at IMDB, which lists it under the title "Francisca."

Fabiola Campomanes







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Carnal Knowledge, Part 7 of 8











Where the Money Is

The face of screen legend Paul Newman has appeared in only two films this millennium: one is the well-known Tom Hanks film Road to Perdition, which was directed by Sam Mendes.

This is the other. It received average reviews (44% at IMDb), but bombed miserably at the box office with an opening weekend of only $2.5 million, despite being in 1500 theaters.

Linda Fiorentino









Leah Cairns in 88 Minutes. (film clip) I wrote a rather extensive article about this film, the first Al Pacino vehicle to go straight to video. It was apparently rewritten extensively, and the existing version is rife with continuity problems. (Film clip)

Julie Wiggen in Apen Framtid, from Marvin, master of all things Scandinavian. (Film clip)

Margo Stilley in 9 Songs - part 6. You may have noticed that I skipped part five. It's mighty big, so I'm saving it for a day when I don't have too much to load.
Mr Skin's take on Natalie Dormer in The Tudors






The Comedy Wire

President Bush warned Congress that he was "The Decider," but now, he has a new title.  In a speech Wednesday to a construction industry trade group, But explained his veto of a Democratic bill
that included an Iraq troop withdrawal timetable by saying, "The question is, 'Who ought to make that decision, the Congress or the commanders?  As you know, my position is clear - I'm the commander guy."

*  He seems more to me like the "Commander Dude." 

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have discovered that by stimulating the brain with harmless magnetic pulses from electrodes on the scalp, they can produce the same type of "slow-wave" brain activity associated with deep sleep.  They say this could lead to the creation of an electronic cap that cures insomnia and
lets people zap themselves into a quick "power nap" with the restorative benefits of eight hours of sleep.

*  You can already get the same effect by listening to 15 minutes of Enya music.

*  Then we can sleep for 30 minutes and work 16 hours a day. I'm not going to like the future.

The operators of a Thomas the Tank Engine ride in England need to hire someone to play the Fat Controller, the roly-poly railroad boss famous to every child.  But government advertising authorities banned them from saying in the ads that they are seeking a fat person because it would discriminate against thin people. 

*  So the part of the Fat Controller will be played by Victoria Beckham.


The official Vatican newspaper accused Italian comedian Andrea Rivera of terrorism because he told jokes critical of the Pope, saying it is terrorism to stoke "irrational rage against someone who always
speaks in the name of love."

* Except when he's speaking about comedians, whom he hates because they're TERRORISTS!


Wednesday in the Philippines, at least 3,869 new moms joined together to set a new world record for simultaneous breastfeeding.

* This also breaks the old record for "World's Biggest Suckfest," formerly held by the Ice Capades.