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Jennifer Love Hewitt
In case you missed the JLH see-through yesterday....Once again, the first real look at those marvelously large assets. What else is there to say? Click on it, it gets bigger. Provided by c2000.
"Pin" (1988)

Pin (1988) is a forgotten Canadian low budget film advertised as Horror. It is as much or more a psychological drama. Written and directed by Sandor Stern, writer of The Amityville Horror, and well-known TV writer and director, it is based on a novel by Andrew Neiderman. It is the story of two siblings who grow up in what seems outwardly like a normal upper-middle class home. Daddy is an MD, and mommy is a domestic engineer. However, mommy is a controlling anal retentive bitch, and daddy is nearly emotionless, and views sex as something that is unavoidable but pretty distasteful. Daddy uses an anatomical dummy and his ability at ventriloquism to relate to his young patients and his own children. The dummy is named Pin, short for Pinocchio, a name conferred on him by the daughter. While the daughter catches on pretty quickly that Pin is just a dummy, and dad is doing the talking, her brother believes in Pin, and sees him as his only friend. As they grow up, the brother relies more and more on his friendship with Pin, and Pin actually starts to talk with him, even when daddy is not around.

After the death of their parents in an auto accident, a now grown Ursala (Cyndy Preston) is dating, and found a handsome, sensitive jock. Leon (David Hewlett) is desperately trying to protect and possess the two things important to him, Ursala and Pin. There is something eerie about Pin, and there are three deaths (one a bloodless murder), giving something of the feel of a Stephen King horror film, it is really Leon's mental illness that is at the heart of the film, and leads to the disturbing ending. At one point, Leon, who has adopted his father's view toward sex, invites a coed known to be easy to his house to get even with Ursula for dating. The coed, played by Helene Udy, shows her breasts to Leon (which turns him off) and to us. In the interesting director's commentary on the DVD, Stern says this exposure is the one scene he regrets in the film, as it earned him an R, and was, he later realized, unnecessary and therefor gratuitous. At the time, he thought the audience should see what Leon was seeing.

The film, evidently, has some cult following. There are not many reviews on line, but the consensus is 2.5 stars. IMDB readers say 6.6/10. One of the comments at IMDB is especially good. Stern's background is medicine, and it was the psychological disorder on Leon and the fact that Leon and Ursala were raised in identical conditions but turned out so differently that attracted him to the book. These were the two elements that kept me interested in the film. As horror, it is a C-, but as a psychological drama, it is a C+.

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  • Helene Udy (1, 2)

    "Threesome" (1994)

    Threesome (1994) is a romantic coming of age story about three college students who end up sharing a bathroom in a dorm. Stuart (Stephen Baldwin) is a slob and womanizer who had hoped to have a room to himself until Eddy (Josh Charles) arrives as his room mate. Eddy is quiet, sensitive, intelligent, and not much interested in women. Still, they find a way to get along. Then, one day, Alex (Lara Flynn Boyle) moves into the other room of the suite, sharing a common bathroom. Seems the school computer had her as male, and the housing woman refuses to believe she is a woman, and says there is no place to put her even if she could prove it.

    What starts out as a battle and a turf war soon turns into Stuart falling in lust with Alex, Alex developing a real thing for Eddy, and Eddy's realization that he is more interested in Stuart then Alex. The three become inseparable. They all try to help each other sort out their love lives and discover their sexuality, and soon find that nobody is even remotely interesting but the three of them.

    Maltin and Ebert award 3 stars, while Berardinelli says that romantic comedies almost never work, and this is no exception. He gives two stars. IMDB readers have it at 6.0/10, which is a respectable range for a comedy. Lara is sexy throughout, even to having a climax fully dressed on a library table, but manages to hide her nipples through a shower scene, a three-way sex scene, and a daylight skinny-dipping scene. She does show her buns several times, and the side of her breasts. There is also a pretty good pokie in a white t-shirt. An unknown actress shows a lovely pair of breasts in bed with Stuart. I did this early in my capping career from a VHS (Embed the one with college in the title) and thought it was interesting to compare the results between my early efforts with VHS, and my recent work on DVD. I found it interesting that I selected several of the same frames.

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  • Lara Flynn Boyle (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
  • Unknown
  • Threesome Collage
  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    The Tailor of Panama. International espionage films, once a flourishing genre, are now virtually extinct. I like them, and I liked this one, which is a dark, wicked, cold look at the realities of international politics, with only a hint of exaggeration. Dr Strangelove meets Our Man in Havana. Plus the bosoms of two sexy big-breasted women, both of whom look good although they are no longer kids.

    Just Looking. Both Tuna and I have already reviewed it, and we both liked it a lot. I'm revisiting it just to present DVD caps of GretchenMol. 


    Have you guys seen That's My Bush! yet. I love that show. George is basically Lucy Ricardo, constantly bungling some scheme or another, and the humor all comes from 50's sitcom schtick, except George's little errors could blow up a hemisphere or two. Tonight Laura overheard George talking about how her pussy was raunchy and was smelling up every room of the house. It just so happens that she was having some problem with feminine odor at the time, and George had been avoiding oral sex. Of course, George is talking about their old cat, not Laura's genitals, but all their subsequent conversations and situations are based on the misunderstanding. For example, George tries to euthanize the cat with Laura's douche because Laura tells him that will take care of the problem. George finally ends up breaking Jack Kevorkian out of jail to give the kitty a dignified death. Kevorkian wears a cloak and glides like Dracula, except when he has to dress up as Laura (too complicated to explain). You should watch this show. It is so politically incorrect and just plain dumb that I was howling.

    Graphic Response
  • Pam Grier, in all of her classic, Pamsploitation era topless glory! Vidcaps from 1975's "Bucktown".

    Be sure to pay Graphic Response a visit at his website.

  • Brainscan
    Today's blue plate special is Pets of the silver screen and the small screen (although that may no longer be an accurate phraseology since I know a guy whose TV screen is bigger than any of those I saw at drive-in theaters). Start with one of the more successful, Brandy Sanders. About the time she was Pet of the month, Brandy (nee Jisel) posed as every school boy's dream in the pages of Chic.
  • Brandy Sanders (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

    Then we got your pair of B movie bims, Delia Shepherd and the ever popular roto-hootered Julie K(risten) Smith.

  • Delia Shepherd (1, 2, 3)
  • Julie K. Smith (1, 2)

    Back to tv Pets (other than Flicka, Lassie and Alf) with Priscilla Barnes. She was a real cutie once upon a time.

  • Priscilla Barnes (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    Next up we take a break from scans PETScan and I have done and send along a couple plucked off the web. These are of Pets Krista Pflanzer and Patty Mullen, as done by a scanner with the handle of Desire. Very good scanner with very good taste.

  • Krista Pflanzer
  • Patty Mullen (1, 2)

    Then there was Sandra Taylor, first in some edited Tuna caps from Women of the Night, then in a bunch of scans from two pictorials. One of these was tres revealing, as there is no doubt the guy involved is sticking his tongue in the holiest of holies (as my bud Jules would put it). Sandra is a rather large woman but I ain't complaining.

  • Sandra Taylor (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    Let's wrap up things with a pair of rarely scanned Pets who spent at least a little while in Hollywood. Number one is Susan Napoli. PETScan did a bunch of these a while back and I sent in some of them; here are the rest. Susan exchanged her perfect natural hoots for the robo variety but did that help her acting? I don't think so.

  • Susan Napoli (1, 2, 3, 4)

    The second of the rare birds is Sheila Kennedy. Allow me to refresh the collective memory with a Mongoose collage from the movie, Ellie (link #6). This is easily the best hillbilly revenge sex comedy ever made. I do mean ever, and Sheila was the eponymous protagonist. Went on to star in a couple more flics, including The First Turn On, caps of which showed up in the Funhouse a week or so ago. So Sheila baby was not only Pet o' the month was P o' the year. Be aware these are from the early, early 80's when you ran into shaved beavers only in bizarre fetish mags. And they were shot by the Guccione boy himself in the days when he believed that if it was out of focus it was art.

  • Sheila Kennedy (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

  • Mongoose
    Isabelle Fortea's one of my top 5 all time favorites. A true goddess. She's appeared in just a few softcore flicks (all of which I believe I have) and modeled in some of the specialty bunny mags (Lingerie etc). Here she is in a short vignette in the stupid 1992 movie "Affairs of the Heart."

    From IMDb: Born as Isabelle Torella in Paris 08.31.64. Raised in Spain. Speaks six languages. 5'5" redhead with perfect tits (the perfect tits part is from me, not IMDb). Was once the alleged girlfriend of the mighty midge J-C Van Damme. Was married and is now divorced (hey ya...). Skinny chick with long red hair, big tits and big brown eyes. What more can you ask for?

  • Isabelle Fortea (1, 2)

    I couldn't resist grabbing some caps of this cutie from the same flick. You may know who she is but I don't. Really cute with big ol' knockuhs.

  • Avery Gold

  • Spaz
    Andrea Thompson From the 1986 "horror" movie "Nightmare Weekend". Very dark, but for the fans of CNN's hottest property, it might be worth a look.

    Melody Johnson Topless and playing a stripper. I know, not every original. Well how about if you make the movie about Vampires and add a lot of softcore sex? Nah, still not very original. Vidcaps from "Midnight Kiss". For everyone who closely follows Melody's career (both of you)...listen up. You'll be able to see Mel on the big screen this October in Friday the 13th in Space...I mean "Jason X". The lovely Lexa Doig will also be in the movie, hopefully she'll show us some skin.

    Nicole de Boer Comments by Spaz:
    Nicole is best known for her role as Ezri Dax in Star Trek series "Deep Space Nine". She has never done a nude scene! But she did some nice underwear shots in the screamer Prom Night IV very early in her career. She must have had an iron clad no-nudity clause in her contract, her co-star Joy Tanner opted for a body double in a bad wig.

    Valerie Buhagiar Almost full side breast exposure (if that makes sense), from the Canadian film "Highway 61". One of Don McKellar's early writing and acting gigs.

    Wendel Meldrum Clear full frontal nude scene in the Canadian movie "Beautiful Dreamers" (1990).

    Anna Thompson Comments by Spaz:
    Anna Thomson has an unbelievably explicit lesbian scene in the crackhouse movie Fiona (1998) (not to be confused with anything done by the British Fiona Richmond). Her co-stars were actual crack whores and had no qualms about performing actual blow jobs right before the camera.

    Her best nude scene ever!!!!

    Mia Sara
    (1, 2)

    Mia and her rock hard robo-hooters in topless 'caps from "The Set Up" (1995).

    Lisa Bonet Nude scene from a movie other than "Angel Heart"! Here are some brief topless and partial bum views from "Bank Robber" (1993). Unfortunately there are no frames that clearly show her face and naughty bits, which usually means body double. But the nipples look right. If someone can verify it, let us know.

    Comments also by Akira:

    I was one of the biggest Sandra Bullock fans. I liked her first when I saw Love Potion #9 and it was great fun to watch her career take off. I ran a site about her (Speed Queen) for a couple years. Then somewhere around "Speed 2" I lost interest. Maybe she got too big for me. I don't know. Amazingly, these are my first caps of Sandy. This movie reminded me a lot of Love Potion #9, probably because of the Pygmalion aspect. This is just the first parts, up to the transformation. More to come!

  • Sandra Bullock in "Miss Congeniality" (1, 2, 3)

  • Blackshine
    Blackshine's Fashion Scans, Part 7...

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