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The Friday edition of Naked News included the usual features:

There was an audition from "Daisy"

Peyton Priestly hosted Hollywood XPress this week

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"The L Word"

Season one in 1920x1080

  Today: moving on to s1e9

Katherine Moenning and Rosanna Arquette


The Pleasures of a Woman


Today begins a long series of caps and clips of the grind-house feature, The Pleasures of a Woman. The screenplay for this movie was written on a cocktail napkin; not the outline, the whole damn screenplay. Three gals and a guy people the universe of Pleasures and although all three gals are beautifully built and fully nekkid, the movie is so very boring. There are many sins I will forgive so long as scenes are filmed to bring out the beauty in its actresses but this one seems to have filmed with the opposite intention. So I grabbed some frames and stuck them together, with none of the feeble attempts at artistry I usually make.  I guess the clips and the collages speak for themselves.

Lynn Harris and Uschi Digart - part 6 of 6




Film and TV Clips

Anne Azoulay in Lea (2011)

Tracey Ross in Best Defense (1984) in 720p


More Nina Agdal

More Miley Cyrus

Kelly Brook in a promo for a stage show called Eye Contact (2000)