TV Round-Up

It now seems clear that The Borgias is not going to deliver. There were several times in last night's show when a woman was about to undo her clothing and the camera either cut away or switched to a shoulder shot. There was even a flub when Holliday Grainger removed her top as the camera cut away - only to go back to her with the top still on! The nudity in this show will be sparse.

The best from last night's episode was this dark sex scene in which Ruta Gedmintas showed a nipple. I think. Maybe. There's a brightened sample frame below, and I think that's a nipple.

The news is a little better from Game of Thrones. While it was not a great episode for nudity, there was a topless scene with some extras last night, and a nude/non-nude tease from Emilia Clarke.

Check out the French TV update in Defoe's section below.


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Alice Houri in Face a la Mer (2011)

Cassandre Vittu in Marthe Richard (2011 TV)

Cristina Reali in Blackout (2009 TV)

Marion Amiaud in Le Lien (2007 TV)

Xanadu - episodes 1 and 2 of a new TV series:


Scoop's note: the following are not from Defoe, but are a few additional clips from episode two of Xanadu. Some captures follow:

Angell Summers and Penelope Tiger



To The Limit


Anna Nicole Smith clips (caps below)

Kathy Shower clips




Film Clips

Sarah Jonker in Adam and EVA in 720p. Samples below.

Tabrett Bethel in The Clinic in 720p (2010; see below)

Eva Amurri in Animals in 1080p! (2008; sample below)

The women of Rise: Blood Hunter (2007), the career lowlight for just about everyone involved. Except maybe Michael Chiklis. He's seen some dark shit.

Martina Gedeck and Gabi Fleming in Das Leben der Anderen (2006; see below)

Veerle Malschaert in Spoed (2000; see below)

Another episode of Und Tschuss! s1e14 (1995), more nudity from Beatrice Manowski



Alicia Loren in a 2006 episode of The Sopranos

Helene Egelund in Landsbyen (1991-96 Danish TV series)

Taafee O'Connell in Galaxy of Terror (1981).

One of the best worm-fuckin' scenes, if not THE best.