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The Hoax


We lead off today with Julie Delpy giving us flashes of boobs in "The Hoax" in a scene with Richard Gere who looks old and haggard. Caps with an HD clip.


The Cottage


A "Babe in Bondage" with Jennifer Ellison in "The Cottage". No nudity but she is busty and attractive. Caps with a clip.







Scoop's notes: Ecstasy pretty much invented the entire concept of celebrity nudity. Oh, there had been still pictures circulating around that were rumored to be stars, and maybe they were, but in this 1933 film, there was no question. There was Hedy Lamarr, stark naked, skinny dipping, then running after her runaway horse, her breasts up there on the screen, each of them about 20 feet in circumference. Her pubic area was seen for several frames, and her buns were glimpsed briefly.

Even more daring for the time, the film portrayed female pleasure during sexual relations. That statement may seem quaint by today's standards, but believe me when I say that was a major source of controversy in that age. Many religious families even raised their daughters to feel sinful if they experienced pleasure during sex. The story about how the director got Hedy Lamarr to deliver the correct facial expressions during sex is a showbiz legend. While the cameras rolled, he told Ms Lamarr to stay in character no matter what happened, then unexpectedly stuck pins in her butt. He got what he wanted in one take!

Film nudity was certainly a rarity in 1933, but it was not unknown. There was some nudity in talkies shown in America in the early 1930s, specifically from 1932 to 34. There were the notorious Fay Wray scenes in King Kong (1933), Claudette Colbert's breasts in The Sign of the Cross (1932), Myrna Loy's bath in The Barbarian (1933), full frontal and rear underwater nudity from Maureen O'Sullivan's body double in Tarzan and his Mate (1934), and the foreign-made Ecstasy (1933).

That was a brief period of leftover 1920s hedonism, which ended abruptly because of two historical forces which aligned in 1934:

1. The Catholic Legion of Decency was formed.

2. The movie industry started to enforce the puritanical, self-policing Hays Code. (The code had been adopted in 1930, but was not treated as dogmatic until the Legion forced the issue.)

The Code and the Legion came to dominate the content of filmed entertainment for decades, and dealt a double death-blow to nudity in American films for three decades, lasting from 1935 until 1966, when the first version of the current MPAA rating system replaced the Hays Code. It is very difficult to find any nudity in mainstream American films made from 1935-1966, although some minor exceptions were starting to creep in by the early 60s.

Hedy Lamarr film clips

Sample captures below.



Caroline in the City

These are the final caps from the TV series, Caroline in the City, which ran for four seasons. These caps are from the third and fourth series.

Series 3 Episode 13 Caroline and the Love That Dares Not Speak Its Name

Amy Pietz - upskirt

Lea Thompson - sexy

Series 3 Episode 14 Caroline and the Quiz Show

Lea Thompson - nice

Series 3 Episode 16 Caroline and the Outer Limits

Sofia Milos - pokies

Lea Thompson - nightie

Series 3 Episode 20 - Caroline and the Little White Lies

Angie Everhart - pokies

Series 3 Episode 23 - Caroline and the Marriage Counselor: Part 1

Lea Thompson - down blouse

Series 3 Episode 25 Caroline and the Secret Bullfighter: Part 1

Lea Thompson - sexy

Samantha Smith - pokies

Series 4 Episode 1 Caroline and the Guys in the Bathroom

Lea Thompson - upskirt

Series 4 Episode 2 Caroline and the Office

Lea Thompson - sexy

Series 4 Episode 5 Caroline and the First Date

Lea Thompson - cleavage

Series 4 Episode 7 Caroline and the Big Night

Lea Thompson - topless but with nipple patches

Series 4 Episode 14 Caroline and the Firing Squad

Amy Pietz - cleavage

Series 4 Episode 17 Caroline and the 2000th Strip

Lea Thompson - sexy

Series 4 Episode 20 Caroline and the Ultimatum

Amy Pietz - faux leather

Series 4 Episode 21 Caroline and El Nio

Amy Pietz - in her underwear



Grown Up Movie Star


Recently released to DVD. Tatiana Maslany won a Special Jury prize at the 2010 Sundance Festival for her breakout performance.

Tatiana Maslany: a lot of leg, fully clothed and wheelchair sex.

Julia Kennedy: lesbian kiss with Tatania.

Sherry White: sexy as mother.

unknown sex tape double: the only nudity in the movie.

"The Bridge"

episode: "Painted Ladies" (s1e08)

The obligatory episode about hookers.

Theresa Joy: very sexy as undercover 'ho.

Inna Ivanova: sexy but dead as obligatory hooker who lands on car.

Rayisa Kondracki: nice legs.

Jelena Zivanovic: sexy.


season IV, episode "Hep Burn and Melinkov" (s4e03)

This tacked on sex scene was supposed to be in the season III finale.

Talia Russo: partial boob as prostitute.

"Ben Hur"

(2010; miniseries)

A recent European/Canadian production but the chariot scene pales to the Charlton Heston version.

Lucia Jimenez: Spanish actress as Greek prostitute almost falling out of her toga.

"18 to Life"

episode: "Wingman" (s1e12, CBC season finale.)

Cristina Rosato: showing as much nudity allowed on primetime.

"Cashing In"

episode: "From Dubai With Love" (season 2 premiere, s2e01)

Karen Holness: bare butt.

Nancy Sorel: fully clothed sex.

"Behind the Wall"


Skinless and bloodless horrror.

Clare-Marie Gosse: partial buns in interrupted sex scene.

"Pure Pwnage"

episode: "Losing to a n00b" (s1e07)

Kristen Gutoskie: sexy

Dani Kind: showing her butt tattoo.


episode: "Thanks for Nuttin'"

Nothing yet but Laura Soltis was very wearing a very tight blouse.

"Naked News"

Jasmine Chase: actress nude as correspondent Ariella Banks.

"Body Language"

episode: "Sex Shop Boy"

This is from the volume 2 set available in Australia. I believe volume 1 was released in the United States last week. Veronika Swartz: topless having lesbian action with Amy Diggins during foursome. She's also known as Toronto burlesque dancer Priscilla Pussycat. There are many topless pictures of her on the internet but this collage is the only one where she's not wearing nipple pasties.


(2008; web video)

Alex Essoe: flashing her boobs but censored by Comedy Central's Mohammed Bars (as used for South Park episodes).




Tereza Srbova in Eichmann

Helena Christensen for Reebok

Annie Edel in Blue Jeans

Gloria Guida in Blue Jeans


Joanna Higson in Shameless, s7e15

Rebecca Atkinson in Shameless, s7e15


Film Clips

Aline Nolasco in Chateaubriand in 720p. Sample below

Jenna Malone in The Messenger in 720p. Samples below

Lisa Joyce in The Messenger in 720p. Sample below

Joanna Higson in Shameless

Linnea Quigley, Jill Terashita and Cathy Podewell in Night of the Demons

Karen Allen in Backfire in 1080p.

Lynn Collins in Uncertainty

Sarain Boylan in Bon Cop Bad Cop in 720p

Valeria Golino in The Spanish Judges