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Elisabeth Shue film clip

Here she is again, 13 years younger than in yesterday's collages:










Once again the Time Machine goes back to 1972, this time for Bluebeard, starring Richard Burton.'

First up Joey Heatherton flashes her boobies to Richard. Caps and two clips.



Then Karin Schubert lets Richard see her tits in kind of a dark scene, she actually gets stark naked but all we see are the boobs. Caps and clip.


More from "Bluebeard" tomorrow.



TV Land

Over in TV Land Kristin Chenoweth looks leggy while singing a tribute to Jay Leno, who is soon leaving the Tonight show. Caps and an HD clip.








Notes and collages

"Unhappily Ever After"

Nikki Cox

Season 5, episode 16








Meet the Spartans

Meet the Spartans (2008) was a mediocre spoof, mainly on the movie 300, although quite a few other movies and shows appear.

No nudity, even Carmen Electra is wearing nipple patches.


Nicole Parker does a Britney Spears impersonation

and there are some other women that are looking good.




Plenty of nudity in Pick-up (1975), which is a rambling story of two hippy girls who are picked-up in a campervan (don't know what you call them in other countries). Not a lot of plot but plenty of nakedness

shown by Jill Senter


and Gini Eastwood.


Never heard of them?? that's because this is their one and only screen credit. I've been watching a few of these type of movies lately (caps to come) starring women who have very brief movie credits and you sometimes wonder where are they now.

The Sea Wolves

The Sea Wolves (1980) is an interesting WWII movie set in Goa and based on a true story.

Barbara Kellerman briefly flashes her breast.


The Get-Together Dinner

The Get-Together Dinner aka La cena per farli conoscere (2007) is an Italian movie where Inés Sastre briefly flashes some see-through nipple.


Madame Satã

From Brazil we have Madame Satã (2002) and Marcelia Cartaxo is topless.

Hotel Erotica - Opposite Attracts

Two women get naked in this episode of Hotel Erotica called Opposite Attracts (2003). They are

Jenna West

and Julian Wells.



"Tales from the Crypt"


The following caps come from the fifth season of Tales from the Crypt TV series, which is a horror show from the late 80s and early 90s.

Season 5 Episode 1

 Death of Some Salesmen

Kathe Weeks - topless

Season 5 Episode 2

As Ye Sow

Patsy Kensit - cleavage in her underwear

Season 4 Episode 3

Forever Ambergris

Lysette Anthony - has a lovely pair and is willing to share

Season 5 Episode 4

Food for Thought

Joan Chen - cleavage and possibly pokies

Kathryn Howell & Margaret Howell - topless twins, with a twist (not sure how much is prosthetic)

Season 5 Episode 6

Two for the Show

Traci Lords - looking good

Season 5 Episode 7

House of Horror

Some unidentified vampires

Season 5 Episode 8

Well Cooked Hams

Maryam D'Abo - looking good

Randi Brough & Candi Brough - also looking good

Season 5 Episode 9

Creep Course

Nina Siemaszko - cleavage in a harem outfit! you can't go wrong

Season 5 Episode 10

Came the Dawn

Brooke Shields - in her underwear

Valerie Wildman - cleavage

Season 5 Episode 11

Oil's Well That Ends Well

Priscilla Presley - in her underwear

Unknown - cleavage by a woman who had a speaking part but was not identified

Season 5 Episode 13

Till Death Do We Part

Kate Vernon - spends a bit of time in her underwear


"Married with Children"

The last two seasons of one of the best comedy shows America produced, Married with Children, are finally out on DVD. The women, especially Christina Applegate, were in their prime, as can be seen from these caps from the first part of season 10. There also seemed to have been a hot line between the producers and the bunny mansion,
given the number of playmates who appeared on the show - not that there is anything wrong with that.

Season 10 Episode 1

Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Christina Applegate - lots of leg

Jennifer Aspen - lots of leg and sexy outfits

Season 10 Episode 2

A Show Room with a View

Christina Applegate - sexy outfit

Unknown - lots of bikini women including Melanie Paul, Marci Brickhouse and Shana Wall

Season 10 Episode 3

Requiem for a Dead Briard

Christina Applegate - looking nice

Season 10 Episode 4

Reverend Al

Christina Applegate - a bit of leg

Lisa Marie Scott, Jeanine Michelle - bikini outfits

Season 10 Episode 5

How Bleen was My Kelly

Christina Applegate - looking good

Barbara Baldieri - lovely bikini

Season 10 Episode 6

The Weaker Sex

Christina Applegate - cleavage

Season 10 Episode 7

Flight of the Bumble Bee

Christina Applegate - cleavage

Carrie Genzel - leg

Neriah Davis - cleavage

Season 10 Episode 8

Blonde & Blonder

Christina Applegate - leg, cleavage and upskirt

Heidi Mark - cleavage

Lisa Boyle - cleavage and leg

Sarah Ann Morris - a lot of leg

Lisa Picotte - an attempt to make a girl unattractive

Tina New - cleavage

Season 10 Episode 9

The Two That Got Away

Christina Applegate - cleavage

Jasmin Paul - cleavage

Shannon Tweed - cleavage

Shae Marks, Donna D'Errico - even more cleavage

Season 10 Episode 10

Dud Bowl II

Christina Applegate - a bit of leg

Jennifer Wade - a lovely cheerleader

Season 10 Episode 11

Bearly Men

Christina Applegate - lovely

Season 10 Episode 12

Love Conquers Al

Christina Applegate - cleavage

Christina Solis - nice

Glori Golding - cleavage

Lisa Boyle - cleavage

Tiffany Granath - cleavage








We've seen Winslet in Jude many times, but not so much with Rachel Griffiths.

Swimsuit model Melissa Baker

Kristin Adams in Where the Truth Lies in HD

Lindsay McKeon in What Doesn't Kill You (DVD special features)

Amanda Peet in What Doesn't Kill You (look in the mirror)

Ziggy Zanger in Eva Nera

Wasn't Ziggy Zanger a 1940s bandleader?


Film Clips